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This was an incredible whole-home remodel that started after this couple got a STEAL on a home! The year was 2010…and you know how the housing market was then. So yes, the price they got was great.

Buy HOLD on, why are we writing about a project from 10 YEARS ago?!

It’s simple: this was a timeless design that, even a DECADE later, has stood up to that test of time. If I hadn’t just told you this was a project from 2010, you never would have known…

But first, back to that couple! They acquired this house for an unbelievable price…and they had big plans for it. There was literally one single step in the whole home, so it would be great to age into. It was big, it was open, and they even had time to remodel BEFORE they moved in.

Now, as for the total layout and the finishes…there was almost NOTHING they wanted to keep. This was going to be a big project. So, when we remodeled, it was great that we were able to do it before they moved—they had no inconvenience, no noise to worry about, no dust…just a perfectly-designed home waiting for them!!

Keep reading to see the before and after pictures and learn, specifically, how we transformed the KITCHEN into a timeless design that STILL holds up 10 years later, and doubtless will for another 10.


The house when they bought it…

This house definitely had issues, and many of them were clearly a product of odd fixes the previous owner had done. Just take a look at this cemented spigot…or that electric board!!

You don’t even WANT to know what kind of electrical work we found in the outdoor shed. It’s honestly a miracle the previous owner wasn’t ever electrocuted…

This remodel was going to be a whole-home “do-over.” We came in, and after an amazing consultation and TONS of exciting design work, we gutted everything and got to work!!


The kitchen

Now, let’s come into the kitchen…

Fortunately, the existing space was huge—but it was NOT well laid-out. And, although the previous homeowners had done some DIY updates (for better or worse) all around, absolutely nothing had been done in the kitchen for YEARS.

In this kitchen remodel, the cherry cabinets selected were a HUGE upgrade. Really, there was no comparison. Just take a look at these cabinets in the “before” photos—they were cheap plywood with knobs put on them!!

The window placement didn’t change in this kitchen remodel, so that was another plus. Where we really had fun was in the details…the stainless steel was “oomphed” up with black contrasts and a GORGEOUS backsplash!

This style of interior design is called timeless design, and you can see why. It’s been 10 years, and this kitchen is STILL in style. For that reasons, timeless designs are SUPER easy to update or change up as well…if you take away those green accents, for example, you can switch to another color and suddenly you have a totally new feel.

In another 10 years, this kitchen will still look good. Just follow up with us to see!!

This remodel experience can all be yours…YOUR design, YOUR likes, YOUR needs. But what remodel project is top-of-list? Figure that out with our complimentary, Walk-Through Remodel Planner



Like we said before, there was literally ONE step in this whole home…and it was definitely this couple’s priority to make this home accessible, because it was going to be the last home they ever wanted.

To get this house in shape for forever-living, we selected lighting carefully (there was TONS of “up lighting”); we opted for the easiest-to-grab cabinet hardware; and we even widened every door (except one) in the home to be wheelchair accessible.

Learn more about “designing for all ages” (and aging in place) here.

We also had to do TONS of leveling over the floors, which is how we discovered that the previous owner had foundation problems that weren’t disclosed in the sale…

In the end, though, the whole home was perfect. It was exactly what they needed, wanted, and had dreamed of.


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