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[BEFORE/AFTER] A kitchen AND bathroom facelift…

[BEFORE/AFTER] A kitchen AND bathroom facelift…

When you’re looking for an upgrade to a space without breaking the bank, a facelift is a FANTASTIC option, especially to “refresh” kitchens and bathrooms. There is so, SO much that can be done that doesn’t require a full “gut and redo.”

Maybe sometimes it’s the budget question that has you looking at a facelift for aesthetic updates. Or maybe, your bath or kitchen might work well for you just like it is, and all you’re really after is a new look or FEEL.

Facelifts have become even more popular in the “HGTV era,” too. They can take a lackluster kitchen or bathroom and turn it into a jaw-dropping space. Just imagine it…the kitchen you actually WANT guests to come through…the bathroom you feel AMAZING waking up to every day…this is the quality of life you deserve!!

Here is one of my FAVORITE before and after projects in a home where we gave a facelift to the kitchen and a bathroom…follow along as I walk you through what was done!! This homeowner was happy with the layout and flow of the kitchen, and for the most part of the bathroom, too. There were just some outdated, monotonous things that needed to go, not to mention an overall fresher look that the WHOLE family was craving…


What had to go in the kitchen

Fortunately, the cabinets were in perfect condition in the kitchen—they were just a pickled oak that looked…well, let’s just say they looked outdated!

And while the flooring had just been updated, the old countertops were another thing that had to go. The lighting needed to get updated. They wanted a new backsplash, sink, faucet…basically, the space needed to get dolled up! This client did not want to come home to a tired-looking kitchen any longer.


What had to go in the bathroom

In the bathroom, there were similar concerns about the lighting, the cabinets, and the counters…but the BIG thing here was that the bathtub had to go. The owners never used it, and the space it took up was a beautiful area right next to stained glass windows…the space was begging to have a shower installed!


What was done…

The old, builder-grade backsplash was updated in the kitchen, and the walls, oven hood, and cabinets were all painted. The colors the owner chose were beautifully neutral, meaning the kitchen could be updated again later with minimal effort.

In fact, look closely at the pictures and you’ll see that in some of the photos, the cabinets look bright. In others, they look almost beige. With the paint color this homeowner chose, this changing quality was an intentional play on the lighting coming in from different angles around the space.

The quartz countertops installed were another choice made to keep the space neutral. The lighting, sink and faucet were all updated, too, which were all fun selections that ultimately had a HUGE effect on the feel of this kitchen.

Look closely at the hood, too, and you’ll see that even though we painted it, the wood grain is still visible. There’s a myth out there that heavily-grained cabinets can be painted in a way that the grain disappears, but that is not true!! Never let a painter tell you otherwise. Besides, that beautiful texture is part of why you wanted wood in the first place, isn’t it?!

In the bathroom, the bathtub was torn out and forgotten forever!! In its place, a humongous shower nook (equipped with bench and all) was installed.

The walls were painted, marble countertops were installed, lighting and faucets were updated, and the space ended up feeling SO much lighter brighter when we were done.

What room in your home could use a facelift? What short list of “honey-dos” could make for a TOTALLY new look and feel in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or another space you spend significant time in?

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