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[BEFORE/AFTER] A Colorful and HYPER-Ergonomic Bathroom

[BEFORE/AFTER] A Colorful and HYPER-Ergonomic Bathroom

If you’re looking to get inspired, and more specifically empowered to do YOUR remodel the way YOU want to, this project’s before and after story is a great place to start.

This master bath remodel was all about getting a FULL return on enjoyment for the homeowners. From mahogany cabinetry that was custom-fit for exactly what was organized inside to an unforgettable bathtub experience for someone who loves, loves, LOVES to soak, every detail in this colorful and unique bathroom was hand-picked by this Flower Mound couple.

You will love the before and after pictures!!

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The set-up…

For starters, the wife in this dynamic duo works in healthcare, and is extremely conscientious of what is ergonomically-friendly and what is NOT. When it came down to designing the bathroom’s new, custom DeWils cabinetry, she knew exactly what would go into each drawer and cubby and the height everything should be at, and worked closely with Rob to ensure that the design was absolutely perfect.

Getting the design “perfect,” after all, was about more than convenience for this couple. It was about being able to more comfortably enjoy the space. As a master bath, think about the time any homeowners typically spend in their bathroom every morning! It has to work right for them, it has to support their lifestyle.

And she, in particular, was feeling crowded in the bathroom where things simply hadn’t been designed to her needs and daily use. She knew exactly where she wanted outlets set, knew she needed USB ports included, had very specific expectations for the cabinet hardware, and she adored the colorful, deep mahogany color of the final design. (More about this in a minute.)

Speaking of color, this was a BIG factor for this client!! It was CLEAR there would be a color update to the existing space, and exactly WHAT color was a make-or-break detail. Without a doubt, this client did not want gray (or even the trendy “greige”) in her bathroom. We were remodeling another bathroom in the house, too, and between these two spaces, in the end there were beautiful jewel colors (blue in this one, green in the other) picked out.


The “feeling” of the new design…

Early in the design phase for this master bath, the client made it clear exactly what kind of “feeling” this bathroom had to have. Yes, it was about the look. She wanted color. They wanted the mahogany of the cabinets to have matching mahogany on the doors. It was also about a feeling, though, and one that would revolve around a luxurious tub.

The wife in this equation is an avid bath-taker. It’s her “sanctuary moment” to unwind. The bathtub had to be deep with a heated backrest. It had to have jets to support the most luscious bubbles. And she wanted truly beautiful and unique lighting to look up at while she relaxed! The real trick was getting the design “just right” so that the motor and the cables for the jet and heater weren’t visible from elsewhere in the bathroom. Along with the aesthetic considerations were also the building standards that had to be kept—water and cords become quickly dangerous if designed poorly!

We were up for the challenge, however, because this is EXACTLY the type of rewarding, quality-of-life changing “return on enjoyment” we advocate for.

This is what we came up with…

And finally, the mahogany cabinets were going to be stained and finished, but with a clear stain so that the rich wood color could add warmth and texture via the cabinets and doors. The design details were really coming together…

Here’s what the finished cabinets looked like…


Added design features

Along with ergonomics considerations in a bathroom comes a special attention to toilets. For a more comfortable and hygienic (not to mention convenient) experience, the Toto Global Washlet was chosen, which not only serves as a bidet toilet but also has a lid that automatically opens and closes when the water closet door is opened or closed,,,

…You can even program the toilet to multiple users!

And finally, there was the shower. This couple REALLY wanted something that was bright, just as colorful as the rest of the bathroom, and easy to maintain.

Here are more pictures from the finished project!

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