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Bathroom Remodel Before and After: Making Room for the Best Walk-In Shower

Bathroom Remodel Before and After: Making Room for the Best Walk-In Shower

Anyone who wants to remodel a bathroom starts with some kind of inspiration. Maybe that inspiration comes in the form of the features of the current space that you can’t STAND to look another day at (a little negative inspiration, let’s say). Or maybe inspiration comes in the form of ideas that positively bounce off the gorgeous remodels you see on Pinterest, Instagram, on a bathroom inspiration board, or in your favorite magazine…

Wherever your inspiration comes from, remodeling a bathroom is a big deal. Even though the space is relatively small, it takes up a HUGE role in your day-to-day (not to mention the value of your home later)!

You start and end your day in the bathroom. The design of your bathroom should therefore bring you the look AND feel to start and end each day right.

This recent bathroom remodel by us was a case in point. The outdated space needed a MAJOR design upgrade, and in more ways than one.

The material and fixture selections that the client made gave the final space a truly timeless design that will stay stunning for decades. The “before,” “during” and “after” photos might surprise you…take a look at the transformation!!


The “before…”

This bathroom’s interior design was outdated—there’s no way around it!

Can you believe that the 1980s were FORTY years ago?! Looking at this bathroom, it’s easy to believe, because that’s exactly when it was last updated…

This year was the year these homeowners were going to make the change. After such a loaded 2020 (and SO much time staring at the same walls in their home), they knew they were overdue for the bathroom they not only wanted but deserved.

before picture of bathroom remodel with small closet

The interior design updates were only one piece of the puzzle, though. The BUILD design also needed some serious thought. The current bathroom did NOT make good use of space…it was small, and the closet in the back was so small, itself, that the owners hardly felt like they could use it!

before picture of bathroom remodel with leaking shower

The shower leaked too. And the whole space needed to be easier to clean and maintain…

Oh—and about that stained glass window, it let in ALL the heat in the summer and EVERY BIT of cold in the winter…plus, you know, it was NOT a look they wanted to keep any longer!


The plan…

We would get right into demolition and get RID of that closet. The precious real estate it occupied would now be a huge, beautiful, and totally luxurious walk-in shower.

design rendering of full bathroom remodel showing shower

The whole bathroom would be SO much bigger as a result!!

design rendering of full bathroom remodel showing custom cabinetry

The window would be upgraded, too, though the skylight was going to stay exactly where it was. What a beautiful source of natural light!! And with all that bright light coupled with clean, white walls and the easy-to-maintain material selections, keeping the new space spotless was TRULY going to be a breeze…

design rendering of full bathroom remodel showing layout

The result of all these selections and design decisions would make for a “timeless” style, largely thanks to the use of neutral black and white. Just imagine…if beige comes back in as a trend at some point, greige could be painted on the walls…or a splash of color could be added anytime, like a yellow or green accent walls…even just hanging red towels would POP beautifully if the owners wanted a quick change of look!!

Not sure what your interior design style is? Take our style quiz for instant results

But anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself…this was the plan, and next, here was the work!


during picture of bathroom full remodel demolitionDuring the bathroom remodel

I’m grateful to say there were NO unpleasant surprises when remodeling got underway. It’s so, SO common that a plumbing or electrical issue is discovered only after they guys are able to get into the walls…that’s why a 10% contingency is a “must” when budgeting for a remodel.

In this case, though, it looks like the original builders really did their job in this home!

So we just worked, and worked, and worked…

during picture of bathroom full remodel of tile install

during picture of bathroom full remodel of custom cabinetry install

during picture of bathroom full remodel of bathtub install

during picture of bathroom full remodel of lighting and shelving install


The final result

full bath remodel with black hardware and custom cabinetryI’ll say it: WOW.

The difference this bathroom remodel made will be life-changing for this family.

One of my FAVORITE features of this timeless bath remodel is all the black hardware. Black and white are trending now, but it’s a funny kind of trend that ALWAYS comes back. When it does, it sometimes comes back in different ways. Recently, it’s been this black hardware that’s in vogue. Even if this feature does look a little “2020” in a decade, though, the overall design of this bathroom is still timeless because of how non-disruptive switching hardware out would be if the family decided to do that later.

OR, just adding a splash of new colors against the neutral template of black and white could be even easier. Introducing new textures would be easy, too, with the clean lines of the tile and custom cabinets!

THAT is what makes a design timeless.

walk-in shower bathroom remodel

after picture of bathroom remodel with black and white

We’re thrilled for these homeowners AND proud of the work that went into this master bathroom. The client made WONDERFUL choices of selections, especially with their priority for an easy-to-maintain space. These materials and fixtures will stay beautiful for a LONG time, and now, this household’s days can start AND end “just right.”

Watch our video for the full transformation!!

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