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Bathroom Before/After: Exquisite Tile and Luxury Shower Details

Bathroom Before/After: Exquisite Tile and Luxury Shower Details

The original bathroom in this home was relatively large. More space, however, does not automatically make a space easier to use.

The extra space in this bathroom made the flow impractical. The two sinks were on either side of a LARGE corner tub, and the shower on the other side of that.

The FOUR separate bath mats the family had on the floor was a sign of how unrealistic this layout was…just look at the “before” photos.

The cabinets, too, were hard to organize personal items in with an excess of flat drawers and NO pull-outs designed for typical bathroom accessories.

To add to the scene, the finishes in the bathroom were so outdated that it was downright disagreeable to walk in…the opposite of what a spa-like bathroom experience provides.

The husband and wife had different opinions on the shower, too. They agreed on wanting a luxury-level shower experience, but they defined that experience differently. The solution would need an exquisite spa-level design with just about every showerhead type they could imagine!


The “Before”

Though the space was big enough that no square footage was added, the space ABSOLUTELY needed to be used better.

The diagonal tub was an especially poor use of space. The placement of the vanities was problematic, too.

The bathroom was also dark and uninviting…the opposite of what a primary bath should be.


The Design Work

The principal challenge in this bathroom design was taken on by our design team with one question in mind: how could the perfect shower be designed for this couple where he wanted water blasting from all directions and she wanted a rain-like shower experience?

The solution for the shower was elaborate but graceful, and it was going to be beautiful…

  • A full wall of glass between the shower and the bathtub would keep the room looking and feeling open but allowed for an enlarged shower area.
  • Multiple shower heads would be installed.
  • The suite of beautiful black plumbing fixtures in the shower would be discrete so that the space would not look overrun with hardware.
  • Linear drains would be used to catch all the shower water without requiring an entry door.
  • The shower entryway would be open and feel even closer to nature with a nearby view to the yard, too.

Creative design solutions would even stretch to the far wall of the bathroom behind the door where a hanging flatscreen TV would be installed. The TV would be visible from the tub or shower, or even in the reflection in the mirror…it would NOT, however, be an eyesore when someone walked in.

The design selections would focus on the highest-quality options in finishes and colors that were clean and timeless. A shock of blue tile would spread from behind the mirrors to take your breath away as you step back to admire the otherwise clean, white space.

The plans were drawn meticulously by our team to ensure every question was answered ahead of time for the production staff and for every subcontractor brought in…


The “After”

This renovated bathroom provides the ultimate shower experience. The design offers complete personalization for each person to step in with its suite of shower heads.

The space reimagines the definition of luxury for this family.

The floorspace in the bathroom is now optimized with well-appointed storage for what this couple considers their “must-have” amenities. The bathtub stands in the middle of the room, and the outer wall of the shower spans parallel to it behind glass to keep the “feel” of the room open despite the number of amenities within…

The flatscreen television was added, too, where it can be viewed from the tub, shower, or reflection in the mirror but never from adjoining rooms.

The finished space glitters in stunning opulence with a gorgeous chandelier light above…it’s beyond even what the 3D renderings could depict.

This ambitious bathroom design unites luxury with timeless selections with perfectly-tailored elements that will last.

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