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Awesome Appliances: Technology and Manufacturing, Perfected

Awesome Appliances: Technology and Manufacturing, Perfected

We’ve spent thousands of hours reviewing appliances with clients. Styles change, but technology changes twice as fast. (Just look at the technology of tile the last 10 years.)

From dimensions to energy efficiency, features, and even details like door handle style ergonomics, there are always things we go over that our clients had never thought of.

Of course, that’s why we’re here! We think of all the questions that MUST be asked for you to get the most out of every selection…

Besides, it’s FUN to look at appliances. Often, this is the selection you’ll enjoy most. Figuring out exactly what fridge door style, what size of oven top, and what capacity your wine fridge needs gets you thinking about how you’ll actually use the space. It’s inspiring.

Sometimes, though, you don’t dream big enough with your appliances. Technology today allows appliance manufacturers to bring options to market with a quality unlike anything you’ve seen before. The features these innovative products have, too, are the stuff of dreams…come true.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite recent finds in appliances and what we like most about them.


Brand Highlight: Innovative Products by Gaggenau

Gaggenau is a leading brand in domestic appliances. Based in Germany, their role has been one pioneering appliance design.

These are some recent finds that we LOVE in their catalog…


The 400 Series Vacuuming Drawer

This is a hygienic vacuuming chamber plated with stainless steel. It has three vacuuming levels for inside and outside the connection. It automatically recognizes connection for vacuuming outside of the chamber.

A vacuuming chamber like this one is used for special cooking techniques like sous vide, compression, and infusion.


The 400 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

This fully automatic espresso maker has a next-gen touch control panel with an interactive display. The text can be read in 44 languages. Now it seems Gaggenau is just showing off!!

Seriously though, the personalization on this machine allows up to eight beverages to be customized and memorized. That is a game-changer. The rinse, steam, and cleaning functions for each part are all automated, too.


Vario 400 Series Refrigerator and Freezer

This sleek, ultra-modern refrigerator and lower-level freezer has multiple features that maximize performance. It has automatic defrosting with defrost water evaporation, and comes with an activated charcoal air filter.

The home network integration on this appliance also allows for wireless smart-device control…


400 Series Wine Storage

The wine storage fridge by Gaggenau provides two temperature zones, both continuously available. It has humidity control. It also has the characteristic touch screen display and language options that most of their appliances tout.

With a capacity for 70 bottles AND smart home connectivity, this is a great product for oenophiles.


200 Series Visor Hood

This Visor Hood is an extendable steam screen. It can be extended almost eight full inches (7 13/16).

The Gaggenau air circulation module with activated carbon filter in this oven hood is fully patented, as it’s a thing completely of Gaggenau’s invention.


Brand Highlight: KitchenAid Covers It All

KitchenAid appliances probably call the classic mixers to your mind! Today, however, the full catalog of products they offer is exceptional.

These are some of their most innovative new products that we love…


Undercounter Ice Maker with Printshield Finish

This fully automated ice maker offers a self-cleaning cycle on a routine maintenance schedule. It provides automatic defrost, clear ice, and can hold 35 pounds of ice.


Electric Downdraft Cooktop (36”)

The Downdraft stovetops have an integrated ventilation system that DOESN’T require a separate hood. That’s a game-changer for some kitchens. The 3-speed integrated fan has a 300 CF exhaust rating, so it will truly keep up with anything you want to make…

The cooktop includes multiple simmer settings and a melt setting, too. (Hello, hot chocolate…)


Four Slice Long Slot Toaster with High Lift Lever

Toasters have long had convenient features like a high-lift lever, but this toaster by KitchenAid truly makes the perfect toast. With multiple specialty settings, including one to reheat toast that’s cooled WITHOUT it getting soft or overdone, you can really have your toast and eat it too with this appliance!!


Integrated Control Dishwasher with Freeflex Third Rack and LED Interior Lighting

That’s an EXTREMELY long and technical product name to say that this dishwasher has it all. The three racks are customizable and can easily be reconfigured. The third rack has KitchenAid’s FreeFlexTM technology to free up TONS of space when you need it…

The LED interior lighting also helps you see what you’re doing while you load and unload.

Humming along at just 44dBA, this is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market.

Best of all, this appliance provides what they call advanced lean water wash. That means it uses microfiltration to continuously remove food particles during each wash so it can circulate clean water to your dishes in all three racks.


Brand Highlight: Kohler’s Cutting-Edge

Numi 2.0 One-Piece Elongated Smart Toilet with Dual Flush

This smart toilet allows you to completely personalize your preferred settings from specific ambient colored lighting to a heated seat, hands-free opening and closing, energy efficiency, emergency flush in case of power outage, and advanced controls in the Kohler Konnect app.

Just make sure you know how to select the right toilet seat


The DTV+ Digital Interface (Shower System)

The DTV+ is Kohler’s most advanced showering system. It allows precise control (and programmable profiles) for water from multiple shower heads, steam, lighting and music.


The Graze Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

This faucet does more than just turn on or off when you command it by voice. It also dispenses measured amounts at your command. Ask it to pour two cups, and it will. Ask it to fill containers to a preset level, and it will do that, too.

This faucet also has a motion sensor as an alternative to speaking commands. It provides three spray options to make all your kitchen tasks easier, too.

The faucet can also be connected to the Kohler Konnect ap to monitor water usage and be alerted to unusual flow. Wow.


Brand Highlight: Cooking Changed Forever by Thermador

Thermador is admired for its modern designs and simple tech.

These appliances are some of our favorite recent Thermador finds…


Connected Ventilation Hood for Pairing with Cooktop


This is another extendable, WiFi-enabled oven hood. The smart connection allows you to control the lights and fan speed remotely and to get automated alerts when the grease filter needs to be cleaned. It also offers delay shut-off and an automatic mode. These features are truly those you’ll love using, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without them before.

The sleek, electronic touch control panel on this appliance is one of the differentiators from other products.


Built-In, Fully-Automatic Coffee Machine

Another coffee maker…this one is worth mentioning. It’s WiFi enabled to connect to your smart speakers, not just to use it but also to run remote diagnostics or remote monitoring from your phone.

The personalizations that can be saved on this coffee maker allow for up to eight custom beverages to be stored by name. Tell your guest to try the “Robin” (for example), and see how they take to your favorite brew!!


Brand Highlight: Whirlpool’s “Wow” Factor

Whirlpool has offered some fantastic advances to their trademark washing machines and dryers recently.

Here are a couple of our favorites…


Top Load Smart Washer

This smart washing machine by Whirlpool has all your favorite features like a pretreat option, a detergent slot that allows enough for several loads so you can forget about it, and intuitive controls for customizations.

This machine also does some of the thinking for you. With something they’re calling Adaptive Wash Technology, the machine senses the size of each load. It customizes the wash action as a response.

Save energy and water and enjoy cleaner clothes with this washer…that simple!


Front Load Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer

This dryer is one of the all-stars of energy efficiency. The Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer offers customized cycles with advanced moisture sensing technology that recirculates hot air. It automatically prevents over-drying, too. With the intuitive controls characteristic of every Whirlpool product, it’s no wonder this one is called one of the “most efficient full-size dryers” by Energy Star.



Have your own thoughts about some of these?! Join the conversation in our private community on Facebook, with a direct line to Robin to get her take…

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