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Are you “in love” (with your home) or have you settled?

Are you “in love” (with your home) or have you settled?

It’s funny to talk about “settling” in relation to your home, because…well, it’s one thing to “settle in,” especially in a new place. But it’s ANOTHER thing to “settle,” isn’t it?

All jokes about romantic “settling” aside, what would that really mean to “settle” for the home you have? I’m not talking about something as big as settling for an unexciting purchase or doubtful investment…I’m talking about the way you LIVE day-to-day.

Think about it this way. Maybe you’re sick of that sliding door in the shower because you think it’s ugly and it collects water (even though it shouldn’t). Or maybe you don’t have enough plugs in the right places in the bathroom to get ready in the morning. Or maybe you can’t STAND that crown molding in the dining room, or those drapes in the bedroom, or the way the air blows SO cold in the family room…

Is your home an investment in your happiness? Or is it just “good enough” to get by?


What’s it mean to “love” your home?

This might be obvious for some folks, but maybe less obvious for others…Loving your home is all about the feelings it gives you.

You know how job hunting can sort of feeling like dating sometimes? Checking out a company while they check you out and “trying them on for size” at an interview…getting dressed up for it and everything!

The kind of love you should feel for your home, on the other hand, is the kind of love you feel for your best friend. Your closest friends see you at your best moments and at your worst. They’re there when you’re tired, when you’re hungry, when you’re bored. They’re there to make you HAPPY and to give you a safe space to be who you really are. You let your hair down with your best friends the way you do as though you were at home!!

And you shouldn’t settle for any less! A friendship that stresses you out has to be fixed, and the same goes for your home.


How do you know if you’re “in love” with your home?

It’s true, being “in love” means accepting some of the hard stuff!! No one and no one thing is perfect, they say…you accept your friends for the occasional difference of opinion, or mistake, or accident…right?

In a home, you might accept how an older house will require different kinds of maintenance. You might accept that, in order to enjoy a newer home, you have to say “goodbye” to certain building materials you love.

But you don’t have to accept everything. In fact, you deserve to hold high standards. We’re talking about where you LIVE …your life revolves around this place. And so, for everything that CAN change, you should work to make your home yours in the most satisfying way.

You’ll know you’re in love with your home if you truly feel like it takes care of your every need and want, without stressing you out or making you work too hard to get it!

To read more, check this article out.


Signs you’re in love with your home…

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself the following questions. Anyone else who lives with you should answer these, too.

   1: How do you want your home to feel (or make you feel)?

2: How do you want to feel right when you walk through the door?

3: What do you hope guests think about your home when they visit?

4: What are the first three words you would use to describe how you WANT your home to feel (or make you feel)?


Once you have your answers, match what you want against what your home actually DOES…

1: How DOES your home feel (or make you feel)?

2: How DO you feel right when you walk through the door?

3: What DO guests think about your home when they visit?

   Expert tip: Ask a recent guest or two who you trust to answer honestly!

4: What are the top three words you DO use to describe how your home feels (or makes you feel)?

Now…how do your answers compare? If you’re not getting what you want out of your home, right there is your answer whether you really, truly “love your home.”


What you want to feel…

It’s a question that sounds simple but isn’t! “How do you want your home to feel?” Where do you even start?!

Defining the feeling AS WELL AS the look you want to cultivate in your home can give you purpose in your design and home maintenance decisions the next time you make an update. It’s going to help you zero-in on the results you really want, and ultimately save you time and money.

Want to worry less about every little home decision? That’s where Rob and I come in. Some common answers I’ve heard from homeowners when I’ve walked them through this process have included…

  • They want to feel relaxed
  • They want to feel creative
  • They want to feel authentic
  • They want to feel safe
  • They want to feel happy
  • They want to feel luxurious

You can make this brainstorm easier by taking a walk-through your home today. Try our Remodeling Planner (a totally free download) to look space-by-space to think about how each part of your home really makes you feel.

If you think you might “love” your home but not “be in love,” that’s got to change. Download your remodel planner right away!!

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