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A Study of Flooring

A Study of Flooring

The flooring options for your home today can be instantly inspiring. Just look for “flooring trends” on Pinterest and the scenes that meet your eye practically glitter and glow! With earthy tones, splashy tile patterns and metallic-finish carpets, it’s easy to appreciate how important a flooring selection is for any room…

Once it comes to making your OWN selections for a renovation, though, the options become dizzying.

Should you watch the trends?

If you prefer a timeless look, are there manufacturing trends you should be aware of, too?

The world of flooring is constantly evolving. Learn what some of the recent shifts are…in look, in material, and ultimately in quality. If you have an upcoming renovation dream of your own, this is an essential detail to learn about and get “just right!”



Hardwood floors were never out of style, but they’ve seen ebb and flow over the years. These classic floors remain popular because of their timeless beauty. They’re extraordinarily enduring as a material selection, too. A well-cared for hardwood floor will last generations…

Hardwood flooring has seen an upswing in popularity over the last few years. This has complemented the natural looks pulled into interior design in ways that take your breath away. With botanical wall papers, natural greens and browns throughout furniture, and larger windows opening right up to nature, hardwood is a self-evident selection.

The production of hardwood flooring has changed, too. This is part of its uptick in popularity. Brands are meeting higher demand with lower environmental impact while also providing a greater catalog of stunning products thanks to more efficient technologies and processes. Over a third (37%) of hardwood floor manufacturers have made statements about investing in technology for the industry, so even greater benefits will be seen in flooring options soon.

From where you’re sitting, these investments means that 42% of brands have added new product categories to peruse and enjoy.


No-Slip Tile

No-slip tile is nothing new. Just like with hardwood manufacturers, however, tile brands are levering new technologies to add the no-slip feature to a wider array of tile selections.

No-slip tile is a TOP safety consideration. Whether used indoors or out, this should be a thought any time you select new tile for a space.

Just like this development in no-slip tile, other special tile qualities that are now more easily applied to whole product families include:

  • Greater cleanability
  • Damage resistance
  • Large-format tiles
  • Stain resistance

Porcelain tile has taken a front seat in the renovation industry. The variety of porcelain products—especially with the features mentioned above—give you every opportunity to combine gorgeous colors and patterns for more diverse visual designs.

New porcelain tile has greater resistance to damage than other flooring options, too.


Luxury Vinyl

Many of us never thought that “luxury” and “vinyl” would be used in the same sentence!

Vinyl flooring used to lack the look of ANY of the materials it was imitating. Frankly, it was tacky.

Today, amazingly, the technology has come SO far that wood patterns, texture, and coloring can be imitated flawlessly without ever noticing the difference.

Luxury vinyl flooring today looks like hardwood. It FEELS like hardwood. It’s durable and hardwearing. It’s easier to clean and protect from staining, too. Thanks to the technology used in vinyl manufacturing now, every household—even those with kids and pets!—can enjoy the look of wood in high-traffic areas without the risk of damaging a hardwood finish.


Carpets Fit for Midas…

Shimmering carpets have come glittering into the world of interior design. Earthy, natural tones are still the preference—they simply add a subtle metallic shimmer to bring that early look together with the preferred touch of luxury.

From an interior design perspective, these carpets also add a sense of warmth. Carpets are already known for bringing this quality into a space, and the metallic finishes enhance that feeling.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association published a design trends report for 2023 where they found that the five most popular kitchen flooring materials through 2026 will be:

  1. Hardwood
  2. Luxury vinyl wood plank
  3. Ceramic and porcelain tile
  4. Luxury vinyl tile
  5. Stone

Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect look for your space or an update to your home with every functionality need met, these flooring options provide you with more agency than ever!!

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