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A Look Back at Favorite 2022 Renovation Projects

A Look Back at Favorite 2022 Renovation Projects

It’s been an extraordinary year. 

Among the many initiatives our team took, we actively published “behind the veil” looks at our renovation projects as they unfolded. 

Isn’t it interesting to see the “guts” of a house when everything is demoed out and then built beautifully back in?!

We think so…and our friends, family, clients and followers think so, too, because there were SEVERAL projects that got thousands of views and interactions as we posted updates on Facebook and Instagram.

There were many reasons why we posted these updates. The primary reason was to educate and entertain those who follow us. We meet so many homeowners with limited real-world examples of how to utilize their spaces and care for their homes…it’s easy to read articles about home maintenance or browse Pinterest for renovation ideas, but seeing REAL transformations in real homes provides an elevated level of inspiration.

Here’s a look back at the most popular projects we posted about in 2022…see how inspired you feel at the end of this article!!



This master bath was a deep “refresh” with both an aesthetic and functional focus. The shower was rebuilt and given a curbless entry, and the dated set tub was replaced…the tile and cabinetry were completely reworked, too, lightening and brightening the space in a big way. Click on the images to see what we shared online as work unfolded.



This master bath remodel was a HUGE level-up in comfort, elegance and luxuryour favorite feature was the steam shower that we installed. Just browse the gallery to see how it was done, or revisit the posts on Facebook!!



The #CalacuttaKitchen was a STUNNING update with some of the most gorgeous plumbing fixtures and tile work we’ve designed. This gallery features plenty of the “before” and “during,” and a few shots of key details in the “after…” You’ll have to continue watching the hashtag on social to see the official “after” shots later!



This master bathroom renovation was extensive. We’re willing to bet that you haven’t ever seen this much custom tile ever…view the gallery with some key “before” shots and a behind-the-scenes look at custom tile work, cabinets and vanity installation, and so much more…



Speaking of exceptional tile, this full kitchen gut-and-redo got SO many “likes” and “loves” on social…and you can see why!! The details in this space are exquisite. We’re SO excited to share the official “after” photos soon, but you see PLENTY of the highlights here and on the hashtag on social



This project is one we’ve played close to the chest. It’s extraordinary. It’s a full pool house with some of the most inviting comforts imaginable, not to mention the most beautiful design AND several allaying security features for a family that has put everything into their home…browse the gallery for some ground-up content and watch the hashtag on social for the official “reveal” photos soon.

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