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9 Easy Decorating Tips to Welcome Fall

9 Easy Decorating Tips to Welcome Fall

For some of us, it’s HARD to say goodbye to the warmth and sunshine of summer…and for others, they’ve been asking themselves for weeks, “is it too early to put up fall decorations?!”

Seasonal cues are now telling us now that fall is at our doorstep. Even before the foliage falls, Labor Day has come and gone and our favorite fall delights are starting to make their annual reappearance

Fall is defined for many of us by two classic holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s also a time for hayrides, apple pickings and the earthy-tone colors you LOVE.

When those crisp and chilly mornings arrive, you’ll get the full charm and magic of the autumn months, and can enhance that beauty with a few simple décor tricks around your home. With these tips, you can give fall a warm and colorful welcome that will keep you living in the moment until those turkey leftovers are GONE and it’s time to decorate for December…


Our Top 9 Autumn Décor Tips

Autumn is the BEST time of year to work those warm and earthy colors into all spaces of your home. These colors reflect the beautiful landscapes of changing tree colors, while also helping you to retain that sense of warmth near and dear to your heart as the temperatures drop…

So…how does all that warmth translate into simple (and affordable) fall decoration for your home?…


#1: Change out pillows in the living room for more fall colors

You can add color all over your home, but throw pillows in family areas are the easiest way to add those charming orange, brown and green “pops” around your home. You can even over-crowd a favorite couch with pillows—all the better to lay around luxuriously as the temperatures get colder!!

To add even more fall colors, you can also consider slip covers or switching out a little wall décor to warm up any space.


#2: Autumn in the kitchen

Not only can you easily switch out your area rug and dishtowels, but keeping those fall ingredients well stocked in the kitchen can enhance the autumn experience for anyone who catches a whiff!


#3: Upgrade your window treatments

There are two BIG reasons why updating your window treatments will enhance the feeling of fall in your home…

First, with cooler temperatures settling around the perimeter of your home, heavier fabrics with autumn tones will instantly add more color from floor to ceiling and keep more cold air out (while also keeping more warm air in).

Second, if you do expect any visitors during Halloween or Thanksgiving, any babies crawling around your home can be that much safer with window treatments upgraded to one of these discrete, baby-friendly options: pull-away cords (new this year by Graber Blinds) and cordless lifts. Write Robin directly to learn more.


#4: Autumn in the bedroom

In the bedroom, you can add a fall-tone coverlet to the bed for an INSTANT splash of autumn in your sanctuary. This does not have to be pricey—there are options under $30 at Stein Mart. There’s no harm in just taking a look, right?


#5: Front door decorations are not just for December!!

Wreaths can be a beautiful autumn addition to welcome each visitor into your space. Imagine a simple grapevine wreath…that’s gorgeous enough on its own! For more adorned options, think about pine cones, leaves and corn husks for that extra homage to fall. You can also place wreaths in large windows.


#6: Get your front stoop ready

To get your porch and front yard ready for fall, start by getting RID of any dead summer plants. Maybe some of your summer plants are still healthy, but need to be moved inside for the colder months. In their place, put out pots of chrysanthemums or other fall plants and flowers—and, above all, get the pumpkins out!

You can also wrap corn stalks or raffia around stair railings, porch columns and mailboxes. Think of this paired with some thick, fall-colored ribbons to contrast…gorgeous.


#7: Set the dining room right

This will depend somewhat on whether you want to go formal or casual in your dining room. Start by choosing the colors you love most from the season. One idea is to create a centerpiece using produce from the season—imagine a collection of yellow and red apples. Add visual interest in the corners of the room with wall hangings, and if you do want a more formal look, consider place settings to go with fall-color table linens.


#8: Décor around the house

Don’t forget about the bookshelves, your favorite photos from last fall, and all those autumn aromas! Fall décor can be visual, but it can also involve your sense of smell. Think of pumpkin pies, cinnamon apple cider, a burning fireplace…and then start by switching any candles out to match that mood!

Expert tip: The Dollar Tree is a totally fine place to start!! These tips do NOT have to be expensive…start small, and see where your inspiration takes you.


#9: Cooler temperatures mean cozy sitting areas…

You’re about to spend a LOT more time indoors…and so bringing out the fall-colored throw blankets and pillows can do more than just add color! Consider extra “cush” in family spaces where you’ll be spending the most time, and imagine sinking in for a hot cocoa. Don’t hesitate to add an extra reading lamp, too, if you plan on curling up in any one of those nooks.


Fall decorations do NOT have to be expensive or hard to imagine. Start with a trip to your store of choice, and all you’ll need for that extra “dash” of inspiration will be to remember your favorite parts of the season. If you do find a great deal, grab a bunch and give some of them away to others who are fans of the autumn months.

It can be sad to see summer fade away, but it can also be EXCITING to see fall roll in for a memorable and happy stay!!

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