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8 Tips to Get The Most Out Of Summer At Home

8 Tips to Get The Most Out Of Summer At Home

When you were a kid, summer was the great escape…The hot weather called you outside, sweat was never a concern, and the months between school years was your great refuge for endless fun and games.

The life of an adult rarely involves long months without work. Vacations are an almost-universal pleasure of the season, but the majority of us still spend most of the summer just like we spend the spring and fall…Five days a week, we make the slog to work. And yet, something about summer is still magical. Maybe you have kids at home. Maybe you have guests who are coming to visit. Or maybe you treat yourself to the nightly margarita that helps the sweltering season sink in.

Having fun in the summer!

Summer’s special magic carries over from childhood if you let it. There are luxuries at home you can enjoy today to maximize and hold onto that magic. Summer doesn’t have to lose its charm—even if you’re still at work for most of those beautiful, sunny North Texas days!

Maybe you aren’t going on a vacation this summer. Or maybe you have your vacation planned, but still want to make the most of the rest of those summer afternoons. Summer has new charms now that you’re older—being an adult means you can stay up as late as you’d like. You can schedule as many barbeques as you want. And you can condition your living space to enjoy the pleasures of summertime as though you had no other care in the world!

Seriously, adulting has its perks!

So…how CAN you modify or update your home to do all that and more?

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8 easy ways to make your home summer-ready

If you need more pragmatic motivation to make the most of your summer, remember that you are a homeowner with every power to live in luxury. It’s not always about the budget. There are plenty of things you can do to set yourself up for summer success in more affordable ways. Sometimes, it can cost you just a little bit of time.

  1. Make a trip to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden—and pay special attention to the Japanese Garden. Make an event out of it! But how does this relate to my home, you ask? Walking through these beautiful local spaces can actually give you inspiration for your own garden patch. Even if you don’t have the same plants to seed, admiring the landscaping can give you ideas to take back home…Seriously, have you ever walked these spots with your own garden in mind? It’s time to dust off the imagination…

Summer garden

  1. When it comes to being comfortable at home, EVERY Texan’s nightmare is the air conditioning going out. To avoid this, ask yourself when the last time was you had the entire system cleaned by a professional. Something as simple as a dirty air filter on a hot day can leave your house 10 degrees hotter than it would be otherwise! Reduced air flow is a real problem, so get your system checked for maximal comfort as the heat rolls in.

Air duct cleaning by a trained professional.

  1. Channel your inner child through your pets! Were you that kid who insisted to your parents you’d take care of the dog you so desperately wanted? Treat your pets of the present to summer luxury by finally installing that kitty or doggy door they can use to come on or off the porch! Or build the space for them outdoors where they can lounge while you sip that margarita. There are SO many solutions now to do this gracefully while keeping with your home design and “look” that this project does not have to make you cringe. Ask us how we’ve built solutions for other homes to find the option that makes sense for you.


  1. Reorganize your living space to accommodate family time—and board games. We all have a space that could be tidied up to make room for a board game and a few drink coasters. Do you have some clutter you’ve been meaning to get to for a while? Or, have you recognized that you don’t have a single coffee table free enough of decoration to allow for a game spread? Change it up this summer and make space—and time—for some family fun away from the screens!

Organized family room ready for a game night.

  1. Start your day with the windows or doors open. Picture yourself getting ready in your kitchen with that beautiful morning air…Or stepping out of the hot shower to that summer breeze wrapping itself around you through the open window of the bathroom. Morning is the best time of day to open things up and circulate that stale air OUT. Then, when you leave for work, you can lock up so that the air conditioning can do its thing while you’re at work!


  1. Host a summer book club…or any other type of club you’re interested in (movie club, wine tasting club, you name it). This will give you a regular excuse to reorganize spaces and keep things tidy! You’ll love those sultry summer nights best if you have a regular schedule to keep in cleaning house. Get the most out of your home by enjoying each space at its best.

Host a summer book club.

  1. String up a hammock—whether indoors or outdoors! Find a set of trees or a comfortable corner in a lounge-worthy room and get those hooks installed. The idea of resting in that stretchy weave without sweating yourself silly makes that second margarita that much more tempting…and, really, after CERTAIN days it feels pretty well-deserved! Be sure to consider different hammock sizes and designs to let your imagination roam and picture this installation in spaces that might not have seemed immediately “obvious.”

Relax in your hammock by the pool.

  1. Hit up the yard sales! Remember, it’s not just about finding new trinkets to clutter your space. At a lot of these summer sales you can find BEAUTIFUL furniture that just needs a touch of refinishing. This happens to be one of our favorite things to do, so be sure to give us a call if you find a piece that could just be a reupholstery away from defining a space in your home!


There are more things you can do this summer that just depend on your lifestyle and priorities, but this list has some sure-fire ways to kick back and enjoy summer like you were nine all over again…You have every right to get the most out of your home in every season, but summer in Texas has a special charm that we’d be sad to see you miss!!

Have more ideas? Leave your own tips in the comments! How have you maximized summers past? And how do you plan to maximize this one?

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