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8-Step Easy Guide to Organize Linens

8-Step Easy Guide to Organize Linens

Maybe it was a perfectly-organized closet when you moved in. Or maybe you’ve never quite gotten the knack for organizing those sheets, towels and other linens…

What IS the right way to organize a linen closet? Does such a thing exist?!

You DON’T want this…do you?

The real trick is recognizing that every family will have different storage needs…maybe you have eight quilts from Grandma, while your neighbor has the BIGGEST collection of beach towels you’ve ever seen!!

Different linens will call for different storage!

Even if your linen closet WAS beautifully organized at first, then life enters…and the closet turns into a GIANT pile of good intentions gone astray!

Here, we’ve collected our best recommendations to give you a simple process to get from PILEUP to the kind of thing you’ll be proud to pin on Pinterest!!

Trust us…these steps are so easy that you will be amazed how GOOD you feel after so little effort!!


Step 1: Ditch the non-essential linens

This first, essential step requires some real honesty on your part. How often do you use the zebra-striped towels? And when DID you buy those lime green sheets for the guest room?!

In our experience, most families don’t use about half of what’s stored in the linen closet. If you really can’t stand to throw out those floral towels from Aunt Fanny’s, just donate what you can’t chuck!

This step is FUNDAMENTAL, because you will not be able to organize ANYTHING without downsizing first.

We recently wrote about decluttering for spring cleaning, too…the article is good year ‘round, though! Take a look at those general tips on organization.


Step 2: Always put stuff away FRESH out of the dryer…SERIOUSLY

This is so hard!!

We know.

But, seriously, when the fresh laundry comes out of the dryer, PUT IT AWAY. And now that we mention it…if you have linens that haven’t been washed in a LONG time, and you aren’t getting rid of them, give them a wash now before moving onto the next step

Can you IMAGINE giving a guest a stack of towels only for them to find dust bunnies inside?!


Step 3: Sort linens by category

This might seem a little obvious… “Of COURSE the fitted sheets all go together,” you might think.

But is that always so?

You can actually sort by type, size, or location of the house. The important thing is that you sort with your choice of an organizational scheme, and stick to it.

Beach towels usually belong together, for example, and dish towels too. And how about that stack of eight quilts we mentioned?!

Expert tip: Do make sure that your most frequently-used items are kept in the front of your linen closet… that stack will probably change with the seasons, too!

There IS a time for those quilts after all!!


Step 4: Fold stuff so that the edges face the BACK


If you’ve ever wondered how linen closets look SO amazing on Pinterest boards, did you ever stop to think about how all the edges are tucked toward the back?

After you fold your linens, stack them with their edges facing the BACK of your closet. It looks so orderly with so little effort!! That way, even if your folds aren’t perfect, your linen closet will still look fabulous.


Step 5: Short on storage space? Roll them!

If you are short on space even AFTER you downsize, consider rolling and stacking one or more “groups” of linens. It’s just like when you’re packing for vacation!

Blankets and towels, for instance, are GREAT to roll since often they’re slightly variable in size…that saves you stacking headaches later.

And for anyone with shallow shelves, this tip will be a LIFESAVER. You’d better believe it!


Step 6: Boxes, bins, and baskets—oh my!

If you do have a bazillion different “types” of sizes and linens, and actually scoffed when you got to the step to “sort linens by category,” this will be the step that makes up for it.

Mini-storage can be designated in special zones of your linen closet to keep the weird stuff neat and easy to find!!

You can use any container that fits in your closet…how about fabric boxes? Straw or wire baskets? It can be whatever you have around!

If you REALLY want that linen closet to look amazing, use matching containers and LABEL them!!

Hello, Martha Stewart…


Step 7: Pillowcases?!

Ok, ok…now let’s say you DON’T have any baskets at home, and you want to use your momentum to get organized NOW. Waiting to buy baskets next weekend won’t do you any good!

There is solid logic to that. Most of what we’ll “start tomorrow” never gets done.

So…if you don’t have any organizational baskets handy, you can actually use your PILLOWCASES to house folded sheets!!

How about you even use the pillowcase from a bedding set to store the REST of that set?!

Forget frustration!! This tip is amazing…seriously—try it, and you will thank us!


Step 8: Add a folding board already!

So…you’ve gotten your closet organized. Now, it’s not a source of shame. In fact, you’d be happy to show it off if anyone asked!

How are you going to reward yourself for all that effort?

Two words for you…


A built-in folding board can help KEEP you organized into the future, not to mention give you a return on ENJOYMENT with a super simple handyman installation!


Let us know what you think of these steps!! Which one do you think will come easiest to you?!

And are you looking for other, high-value but SMALL things you can do for a big return on enjoyment? Check out our Ultimate Baby-Proofing Checklist!

And don’t forget to share this guide on social!!


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