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8 Problems That Renovations Solve

8 Problems That Renovations Solve

In general, we see WAY too many things in black and white terms.

Have you ever thought about a wider spectrum of possibilities when addressing problems in your home?

For example, it’s easy to over-simplify the “problem” in a room we don’t like. We’re tired of the outdated look, we say…or we admit that the space was a little ugly to begin with. So, we blame the paint color…or the finishes…or the furniture.

If we just replace that “offending” feature, we’ll LOVE the space. Right?

Probably not!

Problems with the performance, look and feel of our home touch many aspects of our happiness. It’s about aesthetics and function. It’s even about our investment (emotional and time just as much as monetary).

With all these aspects at play, the “problems” we see in our homes are often more complex than a paint color we can’t stand. In the same way, the solutions to these problems might sometimes surprise us.

Read through these eight problems that, whether it surprises you or not, can be solved with purposeful renovations.


Bathroom tile shower decorative patterns1: Little or no accessibility

Accessibility in the home refers to design for all ages. Perhaps you’re in your forever home, or perhaps you have very small children running laps. Or maybe you just want to be prepared for the occasion when someone is off their feet for a while due to surgery or an accident.

A renovation gives you the opportunity to eliminate hazardous features in the home and ensure comfort and safety for everyone who needs it. Even if you have someone regularly visit or stay with you who has limited mobility, these updates can be kept at the forefront of a renovation when you work with a CAPS (certified aging in place specialist) professional, like our CEO and Principal Designer Robin Burrill.


2: Too little storage

Maybe you have too little closet space, or maybe the cabinets are laid out all wrong. Storage can be beautifully personalized to keep your home cleaner as well as to make your life easier overall.

For example, think of the hair dryers and straighteners usually kept in the bathroom. With a simple personalization like a heat-proof and wired grooming pull-out added to cabinet design, you eliminate cords hanging across the room and make storage totally practical.


3: Spaces you find ugly

There’s no sugar coating this…

Sometimes, a renovation is the only way to update spaces you simply don’t like. The spaces you spend the most time in are the ones that need this the most. Can you imagine how good it would feel to lounge in a living room you actually love? How about sleeping in a bedroom you find both beautiful and relaxing? Isn’t that the point?!

Of course, if you aren’t breaking down walls or moving outlets, a registered interior designer can help you completely redo a space, too. Did you know that Robin recently added new interior design services to the Signature service offering?

Do you have an interior design style?


4: Poor space for entertaining

Some of us say we “love entertaining,” even with the obvious elements of stress that go along with it. Preparing your home for visitors and showing it at its best applies real pressure to us to clean, organize, cook or cater, and plan accordingly.

It adds a MUCH deeper sense of stress—in some cases, dread—when a home lacks that perfect space for entertaining.

A renovation can focus on opening spaces up, updating the flow, and designing to completely reshape foot traffic.

Learn what holiday entertainment could look like next year…


5: Functionality that doesn’t fit your lifestyle

Maybe you always run the laundry while you make lunch. Or maybe you need more counterspace near a plug because of all the pressure cooking you do! Maybe you need a bigger home office, or an in-home gym, or a truly quiet corner for all the reading you enjoy.

When you renovate, it empowers you to think first of your lifestyle. This is what we call the “return on enjoyment.”


6: Low property value

If you’re concerned about your home value (whether you’re thinking of selling or you cringe at the value of your home next to the neighbors’), a renovation focused on curb appeal will obviously help.

Just be sure to read the most recent Cost vs. Value report to learn what renovations tend to give the greatest return value if you’re selling soon…


7: High energy costs

If you spend an arm and a leg for your air conditioning and heating, the problem isn’t always the unit itself. Often, details all the way from the seals around your doors to the age of your windows are to blame.

A renovation brings the most eco-efficient appliances to the table. It updates seals and sometimes windows. You can make eco-friendly material selections, too. Have you seen how much more bamboo is being used in floors?

For a faster fix on some of the primary culprits of outrageously high energy bills, connect with our home concierge services to get your doors and windows resealed, your ducts cleaned, and to do an overall energy inspection of your home.


8: Outdated look and feel

This problem isn’t too far off from those “ugly” spaces you sometimes feel trapped in. Outdated finishes and interiors in the home can be a constant downward drag on your mood. You feel different in a dated space than you would in a home that looks newer and better cared for. The guests who come to your home feel different, too!

Allowing your home to fall out of date to the point you notice it and that it bothers you is like willingly injecting venom into your veins. It changes your energy. It saps your happiness. And that’s no way to live when a renovation—or an interior design service—could refresh your home in such a tremendous way.


Looking at these problems through the kaleidoscope of renovation possibilities changes how we describe them. We might realize that it’s not just a paint color we hate, but that a space is not working for us functionally. We might identify what REALLY bothers us about our kitchen or bathroom layout. We might start to dream, too, of what we could do if we addressed these problems head-on.

We desire nothing more than to help you realize those dreams. Please look at our renovation portfolio and allow yourself to imagine the solutions for your own home.

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