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8 Hard-to-store items, 8 mysteries solved

8 Hard-to-store items, 8 mysteries solved

You want simple solutions. And you’re SICK of clutter.

If that sounds familiar, you’ve probably been bogged down with those hard-to-store home items that drive all of us nuts! Stacks of paperwork, ironing boards and home gym gear…it REALLY piles up.

But…how are you supposed to store weirdly-shaped or clunky things? Especially the things you truly need access to.

Finding storage space AND making the most of it for those hard-to-store home items can feel like a drag, but hey, it’s already March! Spring is well on its way…and you can get ahead for the season by getting some of those pain-in-the-neck items stored properly now.

Trust us, with these SIMPLE storage hacks, your whole family will thank you for it!!

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1: Laundry stuff

storage tips for laundry roomNo one actually wants to do laundry, but it sure does feel more inviting if your laundry area is ORGANIZED. How are you supposed to achieve that, though, with bottles upon bottles of fabric softener and bleach and all those empty baskets?!

Two words: wall shelving. You’ve probably stacked your baskets by size already and even though about floor shelving, but you do NOT have to take up more floor space around your machines! Look into a simple wall-installed storage option so you can line your laundry products up and keep them at arm’s reach!

Expert tip: If you install the wall shelving high enough, this is also a GREAT way to keep products out of reach of children and pets.


2: Ironing board

Your trusty ironing board is the essential tool for that wonderful, crisp appearance you love in your clothes. Shouldn’t how you store your ironing board match that same classy appeal?

To keep your ironing board handy without running into it or letting it be an eyesore in your home is as simple as looking for a wall hanger to hook your ironing board onto. You can install this right where the laundry door opens, too, so that it doesn’t take up any photo-hanging wall space.

As an alternate option, if you get custom cabinets designed for your laundry room, consider a nook specially designed for your ironing board! If you can accommodate a free-standing ironing board with the appropriate storage (instead of succumbing to a fold-out one in a laundry table), that gives you the FLEXIBILITY you need to iron wherever you want—even in front of the TV during that next Netflix binge!


3: Paperwork

Ah yes, paperwork. We all have LOADS of it. No home office is complete without stacks and stacks of papers, even in this new digital era.

So here, first of all, size DOES matter. Store coupons in a binder—you can even organize them by store! And for the rest, a right-sized filing cabinet DOES still have its lot in life! By keeping your important paperwork filed neatly in a cabinet, it will be easier to assess what can get shredded and tossed.

Expert tip: You certainly don’t want to store MORE paperwork just because you have a great system for it! Be sure to keep a shred pile going, and shred old documents OFTEN.


4: Light-Duty Extension Cord Storage

For a SUPER simple tip to keep all those cords organized, fold them how you want them and then tuck them into toilet paper tubes! You can even write what the cord is on the cardboard.

Trust us, these little tubes are MUCH easier to stack and store…and you’ll never have a problem of tangled cords again!


5: Vacuum cleaner extensions and parts

storage tips for homeownersThe vacuum cleaner always seems to end up in one closet…with the cleaner bags and attachments in another! Or maybe the attachments are simple spread all over the floor. To keep your vacuum storage TRULY simple (and tidier than ever), just screw a hook to the door of the closet you keep the vacuum in. On that hook, you can hang a durable mesh or cloth bag with all your attachments and vacuum bags in one place! This ALSO makes it easier to carry everything from room to room…save yourself the extra trips!


Now…some small things can get tossed into a “junk” drawer and you might say “good enough.” But want about the REALLY big, bulky stuff?


6: Home gym stuff

You’d think getting into shape would be satisfying enough on its own, but when you end up BOGGED down by kettlebells and yoga mats…where should all that stuff really go between workouts?!

Heavy stuff like barbells and free weights do need to be stored on a sturdy piece of shelving. Make sure it’s open shelving so you can easily access what you need when you need it. For all the towels, water bottles and workout logs, on the other hand…go vertical! This is another space in your home where one piece of vertical shelving on the wall can make a HUGE difference while keeping your home gym feeling open and inviting!


7: Out-of-season clothes

Stowing away off-season garb is essential. We simply don’t have enough hanging space in the closet for everything all at once!

There are two tips we have for you here…

  • First, do an HONEST assessment at the end of each season. Pack anything away that isn’t fit for the next three months!
  • And second, when you store those clothes, pack like you’re taking a trip! By rolling items and storing securely in luggage that you don’t plan to use for several months, you can get DOUBLE out of your storage space.


8: Holiday décor

Let’s face it, the holiday season is delightful…but also stressful. Let’s just say it’s stressful ENOUGH without adding the stress of trying to find where you stored décor at the end of the season last year!

The classic, stackable plastic bins are the best option here, because you might have twice as much stuff for one holiday as you do for another. This way, you can right-size your bin purchases, store things together by the holiday, and then stack and tuck everything out of the way. Be sure to get the clear bins, too, so you can see what’s inside when you go looking.


These are all simple ideas…but some are definitely simpler than others! Which of these would make the biggest difference in your home? Which are you bold enough to try today?! Start the conversation with us on Facebook and let us know!

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