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8 Best Home Maintenance Tasks for Spring

8 Best Home Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Spring has almost sprung! And in Texas, it already feels like it’s here. As you take all that sunlight in, especially with Daylight Savings Time FINALLY here, remember that this is the optimal window to check out a few key home maintenance items.

Some of these items, in fact, will SAVE you a lot of time and money if you do them now instead of at the start of summer.

That same warm, inviting sunlight will soon draw your eye to a lot of the things that will need attention in your spring maintenance. You’ll spot your leaf-filled gutters, dead plants in last year’s flower bed, and the light that suddenly doesn’t work in the pathway leading up to your front door!!

Winter can do particularly nasty things to your home’s exterior, so lots of the spring maintenance we recommend starts outside. Keep reading to see what the top 8 home maintenance tasks are for spring to make sure you get the most out of spring and summer!!

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1: Clean out the gutters

Clogged gutters do damage well past causing an eyesore. They also cause improper drainage, which in turn causes damage to the rest of your home.

Also: learn what type of gutters you have, and you’ll be smarter about maintenance.

Start your spring maintenance by checking for loose or leaky gutters and ensuring that downspouts are all positioned to drain away from the foundation of your home. As you check the gutters, you’ll also want to clean out any debris.


2: Inspect trees for winter damage

There are MULTIPLE ways that winter can wreak havoc on your trees. Of course, strong winds are bad for branches, but strong and cold winds are worse. The weight of ice and snow can also add pressure to tree limbs. With all those cold temperatures behind you, this is your chance to get outdoors and inspect your trees to see which need to have limbs trimmed. This will require the work of a tree specialist.


3: Check seals around windows and doors (inside and out)

Cold weather is something you want to keep OUT in the winter, but making sure your home is properly sealed for spring and summer is just as important to keep the cool IN. Check around windows and doors for anything that’s loosened or cracked. Be sure you check seals both inside and out.


4: Service your AC

NO one wants to be caught on a Texas summer day without air conditioning!! You should always have your HVAC checked at least yearly, but if you’re proactive, you’ll get it serviced right before spring as well as right before winter.

You can start by heading to the unit and lifting off the top cover to wipe the unit down. This is an easy thing to do yourself to check for debris. For everything else, call an HVAC professional.

PRO TIP: Walk around your house and look for ant piles or signs of termites, too. Not only are these a TOTAL pain when they get into your home, but they will eat up your HVAC system.


5: Check yard sprinkler systems

If you’re not sure what to check for to ensure your sprinkler system is in good shape for spring and summer, use this checklist:

     Are there any broken, clogged or missing sprinkler heads?

     Are there any sunken heads (that have dipped below ground)?

     Is there any high vegetation obstructing the flow of water from a head?

     Are there any heads that are slanted?

     Are any sprinklers running at higher or lower pressures than the rest?

Call a professional for help with your sprinkler system. They can also check for broken pipes or fittings and troubleshoot any findings they come across.

lawn sprinkler watering system


6: Check outdoor security lighting

Spotlights and well lights illuminate your landscape for that next spring evening dinner party and also keep footpaths safe for anyone walking around or up to your home. These lights do, however, require maintenance!! Check that all your outdoor lights are working, and call a professional if something isn’t.


7: Run water and flush toilets unused bathrooms

If you do have showers or tubs (or toilets) that don’t get used much, make sure to go and flush them out now. Believe us…it’s important to keep these in regular use! Try to flush them at least once a month.


8: Check the insulation in your attic

attic insulationBy having your HVAC serviced in time for spring, you can take advantage of getting more work done in general in the attic.

In fact, doing ANY projects that involve the attic (like servicing your AC, updating insulation, adding roof vents, etc.) is better now than later. THIS is the time to do it. In the summer, it takes longer to get any work done that involves the attic because workers can’t spend extended amounts of time there. If it’s 95 degrees in Keller, it’s going to be between 150 and 160 degrees in the attic! Work will be done slowly with many breaks, and will ultimately cost you more if you wait.


Getting your home ready for spring with a handful of worthwhile home maintenance tasks is actually a joy. It means spring is here and summer’s coming, and it can all be taken care of with ONE phone call to Signature Home Services! Start a conversation with us right here using the chat feature of our website, or find us on Facebook. We would LOVE to help get you ready for spring!!

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