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7 Ways to Make Your Home More Glamorous

7 Ways to Make Your Home More Glamorous

Glamour: that comes from the “amour” of glam, right??

Glamorous selections and finishes in your home positively allure…they attract…they FASCINATE.

How “alluring” or “fascinating” is your home? Do you like to show it home off, even just a little? …Or would you like that feeling the next time you have guests?

Glam is a whole interior design style, but you do NOT have to go “all glam” to add a little glamour into the look and feel of your home. (You can leave that for Hollywood…)

If you’ve EVER felt like your home is “plain” or “boring,” a little glam will go a long way. These 7 design ideas will instantly add the glitter and glam to a space that brings out the best!!


1: Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes, especially gold, adds instantaneous glamour to a space. You’ll see metallic finishes on lighting, on the panels of armoires and cabinets, and on cabinet hardware

You might also see it gilded into the “white” spaces of zebra stripes painted on an accent wall, but that’s more glam than recommended…

Use tasteful metallic finishes as accents, and they can take your “glam” look up a notch to something people notice, but that doesn’t overpower. Try putting a smaller piece like a new table lamp into a room, then see what the look does for you.


2: Velvet imitation olefin

You could go with full velvet, sure, or you could choose the amazing performance fabric olefin, a selection totally unique in that it can imitate velvet or just about ANY other upholstery texture.

The perks to using olefin are the same perks to any performance fabric….you’ll get your glam look by reupholstering just one furniture piece, and the fabric will also be:

  • Totally washable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Pile-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant

A velvet couch is one of the most glamorous-yet-luxurious selections you can find…it bridges the gap between the showy glam and the exotic look of true luxury…and you’ll enjoy EVERY moment curled up on that velvet fabric!!


3: Lucite for natural sparkle

Tables and chairs are being made of Lucite these days, which wasn’t totally possible in furniture production before recent tech advancements…but now, your selection options are limitless.

Adding clear Lucite tables or chairs to a room adds natural sparkle, which a key feature of the glamour look and feel.

Best of all, these selections don’t take up any visual area! This is particularly useful in any small room that you want to make look larger.


4: Vintage-style rugs

Whether you have wood, tile or vinyl floors, simply drop a vintage or an extremely plush area rug to add a texture contrast of experiential glamour to a room.

Space rugs are one of those items you can have LOADS of fun shopping for. There is no limit on the colors and styles…will you play off the curtains? Or the wall color? Or the fireplace?! Have fun with it, because that’s half of what glamour is about!


5: Nail head-studded-edge furniture

Nail head studs are those 1/3 to 1/2-inch studs you see pressed around the edges of furniture pieces. They were most popular in the first half of the 20th century, but then they fell off the map with fads of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Today, nail head studs have come back and immediately took their pedestal as a beautiful and classy detail for chairs, couches, and even cabinet panels…

You can buy furniture that comes with nail head trim already, or you can add some to existing furniture.


6: Statement curtains

Whether you already have blinds or you’re looking for a TOTAL re-do for your window coverings, adding “statement curtains” means selecting drapes that are unique enough to add interest…and then you install them wall-to-ceiling, if you can!

Tip: don’t get tempted by the idea of pooling your drapes over the floor, because this creates a dust trap you will HATE in short time. The bottoms of your drapes will become discolored over time, no matter how clean you try to keep them…install drapes with a half-inch between their hang and the floor.


7: Dramatic lighting

What would a glamorous space be without dazzling lighting?!

Chandeliers and pendants are where to start for lighting upgrades. Beautiful lamps can bring the glam and light down into the room, but a chandelier or pendant adds glamour like icing to a cake…if your selection has crystals, your light will be dispersed around the room with an absolutely unforgettable effect.

Definitely have fun with this selection!


If you really want the high-end glam look peppered around your home, making the right selections is key. The risk with glamour is that, if done poorly, it can look gaudy.

Which of these glamorous updates would you enjoy most in your home?! Which would have the biggest impact in how you feel day-to-day? And which would you have the MOST fun showing off the next time someone comes by?!

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