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7 Design Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

7 Design Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

It’s one thing to buy a new coat to stay warm outdoors

But what if you’re perpetually cold INDOORS?

“That’s what the FURNACE is for,” some will say. And, sure, you can crank on the heat this winter and stay nice and toasty…

That is, except when there’s that room that’s always cold. Or in that chair that’s too close to the window. Or, especially after a BIG holiday meal, those token nights when you just can’t get warm enough.

It seems like a pretty hard divide in families between those who are ALWAYS hot and those who are always cold. But there IS a better way to stay comfy, safe and warm this winter…

And it comes in the form of some simple design tips!!

That’s right, your home design can keep you warmer this winter, and some of the ways to do it are so simple you can make them happen immediately. Y’all follow along…for those of us who LONG to stay toasty this winter, here are my top 7 home design tips to stay luxuriously warm…

EXPERT TIP: It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t start by first saying that if you DO have an especially cold room, or if it gets REALLY cold near windows, you could have an airflow or HVAC issue. Give us a call to get it sorted out. If your furnace were to go out this winter, no number of these tips would keep you warm enough. Stay safe and give us a call!

To read more, check this article out.


Best design tricks to stay WARM at home this winter


1: Throw down some accent rugs!

If you have some empty floor space (whether in the coldest room in your house or the one you spend the most time in), you can put down a throw rug to help insulate the space. A rug will also help keep your feet warmer, and will visually help “warm up” the space.

And, seriously…keeping your FEET warm this winter will be something you’ll be grateful for later!!

2: Portable fireplaces

YES, these EXIST! And they’re so new that the technology ensures they’re ALL low-energy-consumption and totally safe…especially compared with that old, rattling space heater under your desk at work…

If you want to take a look at some portable fireplaces, there are even table-top versions

3: MORE throw pillows and blankets!

And now it’s time to add MORE throw pillows and blankets to your family room furniture! What intention do you REALLY have to leave the house this winter, anyway?!

In all seriousness, you and anyone else lounging in the living room this winter will not only FEEL warmer with the furniture stacked high with pillows and throw blankets, but will enjoy a truly cozy space.

4: Upgrade your curtains or window treatments

Not only do heavy curtains (and many other window treatments) help keep the cold air OUT, but the huge selection of colors and light control technology help you ENJOY the sun when it’s out, and keep your living spaces looking warm and inviting…

Signature Home Services is your local Graber Blinds dealer, and I have to say I LOVE consulting our clients on Graber window treatments…right now, there’s even a special offer for an upgrade with a Graber order. You can write me personally to hear more about it.

5: Updated bedding

This is a divine gift for yourself, if you want to look at it that way…and it’s SO, so worth it to stay warm and cozy in bed, and wake rested!

Honestly, it’s hard enough to get up in these winter mornings when it’s STILL dark outside, so think about the bed linens you’d really love…and acquire them for the sake of a little self-care and decent sleep!!

6: Build (or buy) a slipper shelf!

Imagine a set of slippers waiting for every family member, plus a pair or two for anyone stopping in to visit! This small investment accomplishes three things:

  • It protects your FLOORING in the winter
  • It warms everyone’s feet
  • And it warms hearts

7: Keep your home maintenance up…

This winter home maintenance checklist has you covered…and the effect of getting these tasks DONE and off your mind is truly PRICELESS. If you need help getting any of these items taken care of, or simply have a question or want some help setting priorities, write us right here on the website using our chat or by sending us an email. It will be our pleasure to help!!



As though you needed ANY excuse, another FAVORITE way to stay warm in the winter is by baking. Fill your home with heat, delicious aromas, and—once bellies are full—with pure, unbridled season’s joy.

Form our family to yours, happy holidays! Go bake some cookies now, and save some for us!!

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