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6 Top Home Check-Up Tasks to Prepare for Fall

6 Top Home Check-Up Tasks to Prepare for Fall

Y’all know I’m a summer person…but fall has some real charm about it, don’t you think??

And OH how I WISH the only thing we needed to do to prepare for fall was buy that first pumpkin spice frappuccino and unpack the sweater collection…

Yes, the pumpkin spice candles and drinks and the cute sweaters ready in your closet are essential pieces to get ready for the change of seasons. But, let’s be honest, they aren’t the most important pieces.

Consider this: being a homeowner comes with some ongoing responsibilities, and getting your home ready for the fall “cool down” is one of them.

Good news! We’ve composed a SIMPLE list of the six most essential home check-up items to take care of this month…just bookmark this article and commit to getting these SIX simple tasks done, and then you WILL be ready to sink back into that couch with your pumpkin frap and cute sweater…


1: Clean your gutters

Let’s get real…you’re probably SO use to your gutters just “doing their job” that you forget to show them regular love.

Gutter cleaningDid you know your gutters drain THOUSANDS of gallons of water from your roof each year?

Dirty gutters can lead to clogs and a damaged home exterior (or flooded interior), so just get them cleaned!! Call a service provider and check this task off your list while the sun is still out…

Expert tip: Be prepared to replace your gutters if their time has come. This is needed when you find gaps, cracks, sagging or peeling paint…or, dare I say it, rust or MOLD. Cleaning your gutters at the start of autumn is your PERFECT chance to examine their condition and get a replacement taken care of before the cold sets in…


2: Check your doors and windows for drafts

Heat loss in your home is no joke. In fact, when the heat kicks on, your windows ALONE account for as much as 30% of your heat loss…and, therefore, 30% of your heating bill.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Well-applied weatherstripping is easy to install and ENORMOUSLY cost effective. Examine what weatherstripping you have, and be prepared to replace it, because the savings in your energy bill can be huge.

Start by walking around your home and checking ALL windows and doors for drafts. And don’t forget, it’s not just the heating bill you’ll be concerned about. Even a tiny gap in a door can be an invitation for a mouse to sneak in…so this must-do task in your home will keep you LOADS more comfortable this fall and winter if you take it seriously and do it now.

“How do I check for gaps,” you ask? Just take a piece of paper and walk to the nearest window or door. Close the door or window on the paper—if the paper can slide easily up and down (or side to side) along the crack, that means you need weatherstripping applied properly to that window or door.


3: Bring that outdoor furniture in

OK…maybe this isn’t what you want to do tonight, because we KNOW there are still a few glorious early-autumn nights ahead of us…but after that, it WILL cool down, and you will NOT be using your outdoor furniture.

Protect outdoor furniture this fall in Keller TX

We might not register those freezing tundra temperatures here in North Texas, but falling leaves and lack of use can dirty your outdoor furniture and leave it worse for wear come spring. Store it now and keep it looking perfect for next year.


4: Change your HVAC filters

PSA! Anything in your home that might be costing you money should be FIXED! Start with your HVAC filters and dryer vents. How much air was pumped out from that air conditioner this summer? Could you have a clogged filter that will force your furnace to do extra work once the heat comes on?

Now is your chance to check. You’ll save on the heating bill once the cold comes, and you’ll ensure better performance and more comfortable temperatures for you and your family.

As for those dryer vents? Don’t get me started!! Lint buildup can be gross, and problematic, and even dangerous when it comes to heating the home in fall and winter…because, yes, dryer vents are a major source of home fires.

Get ahead of the static electricity that builds up in the dry fall weather, and clean your dryer vents NOW.


5: Do that home repair project you’ve successfully put off again and again.

Do your home maintenance like in this beautiful kitchen faceliftFall is an EXCELLENT time to take care of bigger home repair projects…


Because those shorter days in winter, not to mention the brisk mornings and nights, will soon make outdoor work downright unpleasant…or even feel “impossible” to get to.

As for indoor work? Well, lots of those home repair projects will have a measurable impact on how you live in your home. And, think about it—if you’re a month away from spending a WHOLE lot more time in your home, don’t you want it in the best condition so you can really ENJOY that time (instead of think constantly about that home repair or “honey do” tasks you’ve put off)?


6: Check all your home safety devices

Again, you’re about to be spending a LOT more time in your home…and maybe you’ll even be travelling over the holidays. What’s that mean? You will NEED your safety devices in good shape…for your comfort and peace of mind.

That includes:

  • Testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Checking expiration dates on fire extinguishers
  • Radon check (fall and winter mean windows kept closed, so stay safe!)

Check your alarms basic home maintenance for fall


And that’s it! I mean…there are a LOT more fall maintenance items I would recommend…the better you take care of your home, after all, the better it can take care of you and your family. But this list will at least get you started!

Remember: fall can mean “sweaters and spice and everything nice,” but only if you go into it prepared. Have questions? Other home maintenance tasks you think are important for fall? Find us on Facebook and let us know!!

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