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6 Tips To Get Your Space Ready To Entertain

You might have a long to-do list for those bigger home projects…maybe you have a remodel in mind or want to at least knock out some minor changes in handyman work.

But then…you have an event to host! Something’s coming up, and coming up fast. You’re short either the time or money to knock any items off that to-do list, and you find yourself FRANTIC to get a space ready to entertain.

Don’t despair! There’s literally an endless list of tweaks you can do around the house to get ready to entertain with your home AS-IS!!

Whether you love to entertain or were just pressured into it, maximizing your space can feel like a task bigger than the event itself. But you don’t actually need a 5,000 square-foot space to make a real show of it! With a little advance planning and some attention to detail, you can show your home off and host a party without a hitch.

Here are half a dozen of our designer tips to make it happen.

  1. Arrange the key details room-by-room

The way you organize each room can make or break your party’s success, even if you’re hosting in a cozy condo. Plan ahead of time and get things where they need to be for a crowd, and the day of your event will go that much smoother. Start by cleaning and decluttering, but be ready to re-work the following spaces, even if it’s just a temporary arrangement!

  • Bathrooms: You can stash personal toiletries out of sight to make bathrooms more inviting—and keep private things private!

  • Kitchen: Ditch any unused appliances that are eating up your counter space. You’ll not only be grateful for the extra space for food prep, but you’ll want this space to look extra open because you just KNOW guests will get social in your prep space! The kitchen has trended to be a more social space in recent years, so be prepared.
  • Living room: Unless it’s really your “look,” put away extra throw pillows, magazines, remotes and blankets. The room will feel that much bigger the more stuff you put away.
  • Porch or patio: If your kitchen or living room open up to the outdoors and you’re expecting good weather, consider extending the party outdoors. You can make the most of outdoor spaces by setting up ice stations or some snack bowls right outside the door! Double-up on encouraging guests to chat outside by setting a few seats for hanging out.
  1. Staging

Staging isn’t just for selling your home! You shouldn’t shy away from staging your home for a single event only to put things back in their place later. Ultimately, this is what a lot of parties call for.

Generally speaking (even if it seems counter-intuitive), the less furniture in your mingling spaces, the better. You can keep the dining room table out and leave side-tables set with coasters for passers-by. Consider clearing other things out like fragile displays or entertainment storage. You’ll make the space more traffic-friendly, not to mention leave key rooms feeling more open.

What furniture you do have, don’t be scared to push each piece further away from its neighbor—even if that darling sectional normally sits in its versatile “L” shape! This will allow mingling to be more fluid and avoid guests from getting trapped in closed chit-chats with Aunty May.

  1. Buffet it!

There’s really nothing wrong with setting up buffet-style eating, particularly if it’s a party you actually want to be a part of! Buffets allow the host to set up even better ahead of time and let people handle servings themselves.

  1. Dining room seating set around the house

Especially if you’re feeding people buffet-style, move the dining room chairs to various places around the house you plan to entertain in. You’ll maximize space if people are standing and walking around and be set up for later—because eventually they’ll need a place to park!

  1. Mood lighting

You already know what too-low or too-bright lighting can do to a mood. Avoid this by using more than one type of lighting. By using multiple light sources at low levels, you can enjoy adaptable levels of light—especially if you start the party early and end late!

  1. Go for your best garb

Even before the entryway, the first thing people see at your party is you, so take the occasion to dress up however you’d like! If it’s a casual deal, you can dress accordingly, but building in some extra prep time to feel comfortable however you dress is KEY to a successful kick-off!

Tis the season to entertain for fun, summertime events! With a little forethought and some extra prep-time, your party can be a success with these easy tips.

Have other ideas? Or any must-have recipes from your last successful shindig? Share them with us in the comments or find us on Facebook to get the conversation started!

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