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6 Factors Impacting Your Health at Home

6 Factors Impacting Your Health at Home

Life is risky enough. You don’t want to suffer avoidable hazards at home on top of it! Create a safe, healthy and happy home for you and everyone you invite in through those doors…truly, what more could you ask for?!

Since you’re reading about “how to create a healthy home,” there are some things I’m SURE you’ve already heard about. For example, your indoor air quality is a HUGE factor in how healthy your home is. Though…while this is very true, there are other healthful choices you can make in the systems, layout and even design of your home that create a space where you can live your best.

We don’t always see the environmental factors that affect us, but everything about your home has shaped how you feel right now. It impacts how you interact with your family and how you move around each day…it influences how you eat, how you bathe, and how you sleep.

Is your home shaping you into the healthiest version of yourself? Or something less?

Your home environment shapes the choices you make, too. In some cases, it ends up making choices for you! Keep reading to learn what 6 factors at home can support the healthy choices you REALLY want to make!


Pool Kitchen in back yard near keller texas1: Your Space Primed for Entertainment

Whether having people over these days means inviting the select few people in your “safe bubble” OR having friends over to sit outside in the yard, ensure you have a space at home to entertain (however it is you’re comfortable doing so).

We spend a LOT of time indoors now, and we have all gone a LONG time without our regular social calendars. Our homes still need to have that perfect space to invite people in, because even if we are still biding our time before that post-pandemic dinner party, the design of a home speaks volumes to how restricted or free we feel to do what we need to do…

Imagine it: if you spent 12 months cooped up in lockdown in a home that only had spaces to entertain yourself, even if that included an entertainment room, home office and workout space you would STILL feel like you were on an island…totally isolated from your friends and family. Spending that same amount of time in a home with a perfect entertainment space, on the other hand, would provide a daily reminder that your home—and your life—are both built for receiving others.

Read more about how this and other “essential home spaces” have redefined a healthy home


Luxurious bathtub in bathroom remodel

2: Bathroom Layout for Hygiene & Happiness

Of course, the bathroom is a FUNDAMENTAL space in your home, and there are two primary ways it affects your health…

First, of course, there’s HYGIENE. It’s natural that you want your bath and shower space to be spa-like, for instance, so you can store all the products you use in an easily accessible way…this is one way that bathroom design supports hygiene.

“Part B” of hygiene is that you also need your bathroom to be extremely easy to clean. If you’re showering in a master bath with mold growing behind the cabinet, or if there’s bad ventilation, or if the shower tile is IMPOSSIBLE to clean (and therefore never does get totally clean), your bathroom will be HARMFUL to your health.

The second factor in a healthful bathroom is your comfort and convenience…your bathroom is your sanctuary…it’s where you start and end each day…and that means you want every personalized feature that matches your day-to-day, like that special pull-out cabinet to store your hairdryer or enough counterspace for your toiletries! Design the space for YOUR maximum return on enjoyment.

You can look at our bathroom gallery for some inspiration…


keller texas kitchen remodel by signature home services featuring custom pull out island storage3: Kitchen Layout for Lifestyle

Your kitchen also needs to support your lifestyle, including the way you want to eat, cook and even socialize!!

Just think about it—how much time do you spend with some family member or guest seated at the counter while you cook or clean (or sit down with them)?! Kitchens used to be closed off, a private space to cook…but the open layout into family rooms made ubiquitous today tells you JUST how much the kitchen has become the place where we all commune…

Then, of course, the kitchen also shapes your relationship with food. If you want to cook more homemade meals and eat less processed stuff, for instance, install more cabinets instead of buying that larger freezer! Make sure you have the right storage to keep spices handy, too, or you’ll NEVER have what you need when the cooking starts!

For a little inspiration, look through our kitchen gallery

And for goodness sake, do NOT forget the oven hood!! Oven hoods are installed over the stove range to collect smoke, food particles, odors, and airborne grease. You don’t want to breathe ANY of these more than you have to…

Read more about selecting the perfect oven hood (and exactly why you need one)!!


4: Room to Heal

There are loads of steps you can take now to give yourself room to HEAL at home, but first, let’s talk about what that means…

A healing home is one with a reduced number of stress triggers. If clutter is a stress trigger for you, design closets where storage is practical and you can organize your cleaning products better.

And seriously, even if that sounds like “just another thing” you CAN’T handle on your to-do list, ask yourself…if you identify a key stressor, WHY would you subject yourself to it willingly??

Another example: if you teeter on the edge of high stress moments all day at work (but work from home), ensure your office is soundproof and designed to work for YOU.

You also need a space where you can be on your own. A little “self-on-one” time will help you decompress, which will be good for you AND everyone you live with. (Read: people DO feel, hear and see your stress!)


5: Safety

Safety in both the physical structure of your home AND its contents are even more important than the security systems you install…your home should be where you relax, and that requires making it a safe space.

For starters, anything structural that looks even a LITTLE questionable should get checked by a contractor.

Similarly, the design choices you make can go through a professional designer to help you learn what tile has the best grip, or what window treatments are safest in a home with pets or children, and so on…

Your home should have these “basics” for emergencies, too:

  • A fire extinguisher that is EASILY accessible
  • Working fire and smoke detectors on every floor
  • A fully-equipped first-aid kit
  • Flashlights with fresh batteries


duct cleaning video inspection before and after6: And yes—air quality, too!

Of course, air quality is something we talk about again and again because it’s THAT important…with indoor air up to 11 times more polluted than outdoor air, the impact this can have on your health is TREMENDOUS.

Air is one of those non-negotiable things for us…we need to breathe, but fortunately we have the opportunity to ensure the cleanest air possible in our homes.

HVAC maintenance (like regularly replacing your filters and getting your air ducts professionally cleaned) is what you can do now to make an impact on your in-home air quality. Get started right now by checking out these three ways to test your indoor air quality


I have SO much more info like this I could share…

If you want more design tips or inspiration—for health or simply to make your home beautiful again—start by connecting with me on Facebook or downloading the latest version of our quarterly magazine!

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