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5 Window Treatment Design Trends to Know

5 Window Treatment Design Trends to Know

Old dated drapes and window coverings

Grandma’s drapes…

Today, you aren’t limited anymore to your grandmother’s drapes. And thank GOODNESS, because your window coverings are one of the most visually important elements of any room.

And just like dear Grandma’s drapes, there are trends that are “in” and trends that are totally “out.” Even window technology has evolved and impacted window treatments in a BIG way…

From the patterns to the materials and the styles, all the way to the FUNCTIONALITY of your windows, there are big things going on now in window treatments. It’s up to you whether you navigate the changing landscape to enhance the livability of your home or if you let those floral-patterned drapes continue collecting dust.

You can start by seeing if your home shows any of the 5 signs your window coverings REALLY need to be updated.


No Frills, Just Single Panels

The trend setters this year are DONE with frills. From crocheted throws to felt-textured and floral print, the ‘80s have asked for their drapes back.

Instead, homeowners today are opting for block colors, often with elegant textures. Personally, I’ve seen a BIG rise in neutrals.

This setup allows for a simpler statement to be made while still providing the privacy and light control you need. Window treatments might be one of the principal design elements of a space, but that does NOT mean they need to be loud or “eclectic.” (Not to rain on “eclectic” styles, though! Not sure if that’s you? Take our interior design style quiz for instant results.)

The market today also shows homeowners increasingly electing single panels. Think of rollers and solar shades, for instance…

Graber Blinds Solar Shades

And speaking of opting for the simple touch…


Roller Herald Tsunami (37-1380-04)Rollers for Optimal Sun Protection

Window treatments have to be functional as well as beautiful. You want them to give you privacy and also to protect your home from the sun.

Yes, sun protection is about you and your skin, but have you ever stopped to think about that sun damage on the finishes and furnishings in your living room?! How about the sun that absolutely pours into your bedroom? Those warm, inviting rays are great (more on that in a moment), but you MUST protect your home. Let the sun in when you want it and use the right window treatments to block it out the rest of the time!

The single-panel trend is a BIG move toward better sun protection because it’s often the single-panel options that block the sun out downright hermetically. Just think of those great black-out rollers for bedrooms and media rooms…you might as well get them motorized, too, because then you’ll never have to get off the couch again!!

And speaking of motorized rollers…


Graber Z Wave devicesWindow Covering Tech

Yes, window covering technology is a whole “THING” in itself. Motorized shades, for instance, are HUGELY popular now. I really can’t state just how much homeowners are loving them…the motors can be recharged just like your phone, too, no batteries needed…

These motorized window techs are NOT hardwired, either…so no wires to hide after installation. Love it!

Roller and cellular shades are among the most popular to motorize, though drapes that aren’t too heavy can be motorized, too. There are different motors to choose from, also, at least at Graber. We’re the Graber dealer in the area for a lot of reasons, but on the top of my list is their enormous selection.

For instance, you want a motorized lift on the windows you use the most? Graber has multiple options to fit different budgets. This is no longer just a thing of “luxury.”

Some of their motors are quieter than others, also. That means more options for you! And some of the motors are compatible with their cordless lifts as well.

Seriously—how much more convenience can a window provide?!

Next, you’ll be lifting the rollers up by simply asking Alexa…

And it’s not just about convenience. How about that big foyer with the windows you can’t even reach? Motorized window treatments give you a whole new layer of functionality in that space…

Light control, too, is even easier with motorized window coverings. Let the natural light in when you want, and protect yourself and your home whenever you’re not using the space. You can even do it from a room away.

Coming back to the cordless lifts, though, there’s a HUGE safety element there, too…just read what the surfaces and your window coverings have in common to find out what I’m talking about…


A ROBIN-Defined “Trend”

I know, I’m such a trend setter!

Seriously, though…this trend isn’t so much a recognized market shift as it is my SINCERE advice to you…I’m speaking from a place of getting you a real return on enjoyment.

This is a game-changer for most families I know.

So here’s the thing…something you see a lot with drapes is this “puddling” effect at the floor. The drapes either aren’t custom-fit for the window, OR they’re deliberately left long to give this “sweeping” effect.

Puddling drapes

If someone likes how that looks, fine. But if you have children, grandchildren or pets (or aren’t a TOTAL clean-everyday-type), these drooping drapes WILL sweep in a way you don’t want them to.

For starters, they collect all the dust and dirt on the floor, plus the hair and skin that falls off us every day, too.

And then…they get gross, FAST. So much for that new “greige” window treatment—it will be flat-out gray in short time.

For a real test of functionality and simpler maintenance, I recommend drapes be custom fit to sit JUST a teensy bit above the height of the floor (or at the height of the windowsill). You also have the option to pull drapes further UP in the space. In fact, take just about any room and you can make the windows look taller by bringing the drapes all the way up to the ceiling.

Right height for drapes

And speaking of custom-fit drapes, often this droopy “puddle” effect is the result of window treatments that were store-bought. Store-made drapes or panels of ANY kind might be the wrong size entirely, which brings me to…


Custom (Not Store-Bought) Curtains

Custom window treatments were once a huge investment. But with different options today like those provided by Graber (which I walk clients through and advise them on), suddenly a whole world of beautiful, custom window coverings opens up.

Working with a designer, too, has its perks when it comes to getting your window treatments right. When I work with our clients, I first get to know the décor goals for the whole room, then balance style with practicality. Then, I present a refined list of options that fit what the client wants so we can elevate the conversation ABOVE the “inspiration overload” of Pinterest. It’s just about what will bring that homeowner joy.

Another reason to choose custom window coverings, naturally, is to modify treatments to the unique quirks of your home.

Uneven floors? No problem.

Angled ceilings? Don’t worry about it.

Oddities happen, but a custom fit can turn your window treatment “terror” into a decision you feel confident about…and later feel proud of.


No matter the season, it’s a great time to rethink window treatments. In summer, it will improve the sun protection for your home. In winter, the right window treatments will even help you lock heat in.

Isn’t that divine?!

A LOT has changed in window treatments recently, but all of it has been for the better. Options are more affordable, tech has taken off, and you can enhance the elegance of any space with rich textures and single-panel blocks that sweep you off your feet (but don’t sweep the floor).

Start by seeing what YOUR preferred window coverings say about you!!

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