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5 Things You’ll Only Get with Custom Cabinetry

5 Things You’ll Only Get with Custom Cabinetry

Maybe you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom…or maybe you’re just dreaming. Pinterest provides NO shortage of inspiration…but when it comes to the technical details like the design and materials used for your cabinets, the specifics of your dream get fuzzy!

Cabinets are one of the BIGGEST investments in both bathroom and kitchen remodels, so it’s essential to get this choice right.

You can narrow down your choices considerably by first asking…

Will you select custom cabinetry or install store-bought cabinets?

There’s a LOT to consider when selecting your cabinets…size, color, finish, material, durability, and even cabinet hardware all come into play. However, you won’t know what your options are in each of those categories until you know whether you’ll get a custom build or not.

Most of us would choose custom if we could…but is it necessary for every remodel?

Depending on what you’re dreaming up, check out the 5 things you can ONLY get with custom cabinets…and along the way you’ll probably get a gut feeling about which option is right for you!


1: Simpler pricing

Custom cabinets carry a bigger price tag, it’s true. The price is all-inclusive, however, and saves you on other fees that stack up with store-bought cabinets.

The fees and costs included in a custom cabinet order make your life simpler, too. They usually include:

  • Delivery charges
  • Installation fees
  • Minor repairs or modifications

You can also add in the time you would spend putting together store-bought and flat-pack cabinets as a cost you DON’T incur with custom cabinets. That cost in stress is a real consideration!!

Only with custom cabinets can you consider your cabinet purchase “one and done,” because your contractor will solve every problem that comes up along the way.

Check out one of our favorite examples of custom cabinetry in this incredible kitchen remodel


2: Top-of-line materials

keller texas kitchen remodel by signature home services featuring custom pull out island storageStore-bought cabinets are also cheaper because they use cheap materials.

Store-bought are also bare as can be, which one might say is to make them more “compatible” with any household…however, installing fewer shelves and storage options also saves those bulk cabinet makers more on materials, which is the real reason why they’re so minimal inside.

Upkeep and modifications to store-bought cabinets will stack up quickly in cost, too, as these cabinets undergo the wear and tear of daily use. Because the materials used aren’t the absolute best, they’ll show wear faster, too.

Custom cabinets can be made with any type of wood, in contrast, and when they are constructed the materials are hand-selected to ensure a higher standard of quality.

Check out the types of metal you can choose for cabinet hardware, too, to get even more specific when choosing the best materials for your handles and hinges.


3: Design options

Not only is the world of material selections thrown WIDE open with custom cabinets, so are the design possibilities!! A design-build contractor can turn any problem into “just another feature” of your perfect-fit cabinets.

Your design flexibility stretches in multiple directions, including:

  • Designing every cabinet interior for your needs
  • Adding soft-close hinges and custom pull-out drawers
  • Adjusting the height of cabinets to fit perfectly with other selections
  • Adjusting the width of cabinets to add features like trim and “built-in” appliances
  • Adjusting the depth of cabinets according to the structure of your home and walls
  • Adjusting for structural issues like uneven ceilings or oddly-shaped rooms

No “one-size-fits-all” cabinet arrangement will fit your kitchen or bathroom perfectly. Your needs and specifications are where a cabinetmaker starts, and your lifestyle is where they finish. Custom cabinets are built not just to fit but to support the way you live.

Take a look at how specific our custom cabinet designs get in this “cabinet elevation” image from one of our project plans…

And you can see more from that SAME kitchen remodel on Facebook!!


4: Color and finish options

The fit and use of your custom cabinets are obviously deciding factors. If we’re honest, though, one of the biggest draws to custom cabinetry is the open selection options in color and wood type.

Whether you’re choosing the new color scheme for your kitchen or bathroom or trying to fit selections in with an existing scheme, finding the right cabinets is easy if you have them made for the space.

Cabinets can be painted absolutely any color! Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a specific wood type or finish. Choose custom cabinetry, and it’s all yours for the choosing!


5: Superior installation

Let’s say you find the store-bought cabinets that are “good enough,” and the price point is excellent. They suit your space stylistically more or less and aren’t a PERFECT fit but you can “make it work.”

That’s great! Seriously.

Next, if you can install them yourself, that will save you even more.

If you do have to hire someone to install them, though, you might end up paying closer to what custom cabinets would have cost you in the first place…

When it comes to custom cabinetry, only some design-build contractors draw those plans up themselves.

With that kind of expertise and design savvy, custom cabinets are usually installed by the same contractor who designed them. This is true for us, and it has always resulted in superior cabinet installation for our clients.

We also roll the installation costs into the larger remodeling budget, meaning our clients never have to worry about cabinet costs again after signing their contract.

When we do install custom cabinets, we also have our own way we go about it…for example, Rob and our production team always use “blocking” behind the cabinets, which ensures that even a tiny detail like where screws are put in to bolt your cabinets to the wall are perfectly symmetrical in the back surface of each cabinet.

Blocking also ensures that cabinets have a stronger anchor to hold them up.

Open your own cabinet doors the next time you’re in the kitchen. Find the screws in the back…are they each in the exact same distance from the corner they’re nearest to? Do you see multiple holes in the back (meaning an installer had to stick-and-check to find the stud)?

We could go on…but professional installation from a design-build professional who drew the custom cabinets up in the first place makes a BIG difference in a remodel.


Choosing between custom cabinetry or store-bought cabinets is a major decision. Price is obviously a consideration, but so is convenience, material selection, design flexibility, color and finish, plus installation.

What’s your choice? Do you want a set of cabinets as unique as your needs, your home and your lifestyle? Whatever choice you make, make it with the best information.

For help making the best choice for you, schedule a virtual interior design consultation!!

Meanwhile…keep reading to learn the 6 tips to choose the right cabinet hardware!

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