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5 Signs You Need Your Windows Updated!

5 Signs You Need Your Windows Updated!

Home improvement projects…sometimes they get you excited, and sometimes they bog you down!

It’s the projects that get ahead of problems later that have a special power to leave you feeling satisfied and secure, don’t you think?…

For example, window replacements can last for YEARS, but that still means that (at some point in your lifetime) it will be your turn to replace the windows in your home. How do you know when it’s time?

We are ALL about keeping things simple…and these 5 simple signs will make it VERY clear in a matter of the time it takes you to read this article whether you should be thinking about updating the windows in your home…


5 signs that it’s time to replace your windows

1: Foggy windows

If you see condensation build up between the glass layers of your windows, or you already know you have cracked glass, that means your seals have failed. As air and the elements leak in and out into the center of your windows, this will damage the windows PLUS their frames, and make temperature control inside very hard. You do not deserve to live like this!!


2: Windows that sweat

If your window frames are soft, chipped or damaged, we call that having “soft” window frames. This means your windows are beyond repair because rot and water infiltration have already gotten the best of them. When your windows sweat excessively, this moisture is usually the cause of this nasty rot! If you don’t get these windows replaced now, they’ll start to sag. Don’t wait to see!


3: Windows that don’t open or close easily

If you have a hard time opening or closing windows (or locking them shut), they might not have been installed correctly. However, if they’re more than 10 years old, it’s FAR more likely that they’re rusting or rotting. Without a doubt, this is a sign that it’s time to replace.


4: Windows that are allowing in heat or cold

Do you feel a draft when the windows are closed? Even one drafty window can have a BIG impact on the temperatures inside your home…faulty seals are sometimes the cause, but just as often the problem is a structural issue with the windows. Don’t make your HVAC system work so hard to keep you comfortable or you’ll feel it in your wallet later. This sign is another big tip-off that it’s better to replace the windows now.


5: Windows that are 10+ years old

If your windows are more than 10 years old, they aren’t meeting today’s new energy standards. This is important for two reasons:

  • It’s costing you money that you don’t have to spend
  • It’s just plain inefficient if you want your home’s temperatures kept consistent!

If you’re not sure whether your windows are up to current code, check the minimum energy code standards for Texas. Any windows we install FAR outstrip these standards, and that gets into more than just the proper fit and seals…

Here’s the thing—not to get too into the technical nitty gritty, simply talking to an energy specialist (like us) will protect your wallet in more ways than one. You’ll keep air from getting out (or in) through window edges, AND you can select the right treatment of window glass to stop excess UV rays from coming in. This maintains a more consistent temperature inside and protects your skin AND your furniture, flooring and finishes from sun damage.

Design tip: updating your windows is also a chance to let a little “personality” show through your choice in window patterns and materials. Windows today come with SO many options…though, in Texas, we wouldn’t recommend wood finishes unless your historical society requires it!!

When it comes to materials, we recommend vinyl or fiberglass. There are some INCREDIBLE vinyl options that come in pre-finished colors, including ones that can even be made to look like wood! And remember…you can have a different material for the outside than you do for the inside…

Design tip: black-frame windows on home exteriors right now are BIG.


What’s so important about replacing failing windows?

If the “pocket book” comments above didn’t clue you in, just wait until your energy bill keeps increasing every month. When this happens, you will have every certain sign that it’s time to replace your windows because they are no longer functioning like they should.

Your windows are there to give you a view of the world, but they’re also carefully designed to keep you comfortable!

As if that weren’t enough, replacing your windows will also improve the security of your home with stronger glass and improved (or advanced) locking systems.

Just be sure to choose the right contractor to install your new windows once you select the windows you love! That means shopping for the energy expert who can walk you through energy requirements AND who has a labor warranty and proven track record with existing clients. Get recommendations, and feel empowered to ask for references once you do connect with a company you like.

And yes, we do install windows! It would be our PLEASURE to walk you through all the new materials and design options! And, once you have your new windows, how about updated window coverings? Take a look at the ENORMOUS list of options through Graber Blinds, and let us know what you like! Signature Home Services is your local Graber dealer.

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