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5 Natural Ways to Bring More Light Into Your Home

5 Natural Ways to Bring More Light Into Your Home



“Dimly lit…”

Did you experience a sudden repulsive feeling reading those words in relation to your HOME?

Of course!

We don’t want our home to be “drab” any more than we want to be “frumpy” when stepping out for the day. That’s how we’re wired.

What, though, does that really mean?

These adjective—still ringing in your ears, I’m sure—refer to low-quality, out-of-date spaces…and, above all else, those spaces that are POORLY LIT. Bring the proper light into your home, and it IMMEDIATELY becomes more welcoming and attractive.

Keep reading to learn how to naturally bring more light into your home…even without ripping out old windows and installing new ones! You will also learn the benefits of more lighting in your home.

Let’s dive in…

5 Ways to Bring More Light Into Your Home

There are SO many ways to naturally bring more light into your home. Here are the five easiest:

  • Tweak your choice of colors
  • Install skylights
  • Fix mirrors and mirror surfaces
  • Add white eaves
  • Install glass patio doors

Your Choice of Colors

Your choice of color matters—colors can significantly improve the lighting in your home. And you don’t even need to get brighter bulbs or install more lamp holders!!

The colors you select to paint your walls matter a lot. You need to strategically pick…so start by opting for lighter variations and gradations of appealing colors like blue to naturally BOOST the brightness in your home. Light bounces off, and so does your mood!!

Also, it’s important to know the right range of colors for each part of your home. Some parts of your home will be, by default, brighter than others. Pick the right shade of color for every part of your home…community areas will be brighter, as will bathrooms. Bedrooms have a greater variety of color ranges you can choose.

Speaking of color, here’s an article on What Color Experts Have To Say About Painting Your Kitchen

Opting for glossy paint can also help you naturally bring more light into your home, especially the parts that are perpetually dim or dark due to few windows or enclosed space.

Install Skylights

Skylights are a tried and tested way of naturally bringing more light into your home. Skylights help bring more illumination into key rooms—whether it’s the sun shining fiercely into the bed of your bathtub, or the moon gently glimmering into your living room. Whatever you think up could be a possibility!

There are some especially great locations for your skylights. Consider placing one in your kitchen to bring bright, natural light into your cooking space.

You also need to consider how to position your skylights. Do you want your room illuminated all day? If that’s the case, consider facing your skylights northward. You could consider facing your skylight eastward for the early-morning sun.

Another good practice when installing skylights is to ensure there are no obstructions to direct sunlight anywhere near your skylight.

Fix Mirrors and Get Shiny Surfaces Gleaming!

Ever visited someone and seen mirrors placed in strategic places in their home? Have you walked away thinking, “oh how elegant?”

Granted, mirrors were once associated with the particular beauty of a VERY big house. However, that’s not their only function in a home today. Strategically fix mirrors to naturally bring light into your home!

The thing is, mirrors are good reflectors. Obviously. So, when placed strategically, they’ll help your home become brighter and come alive.

Aside from hanging mirrors in strategic places, you could also get shiny surfaces incorporated into your design selections. Tile your kitchen countertops and floors with an especially polished tile!

Also, read up to learn what your mirror style says about you…

White Trim

What color is the trim in your favorite room? Did you know that something as simple as picking the right paint color of trim can SIGNIFICANTLY boost the amount of light in your home? …This one is more of a visual trick, but it has a WONDERFUL effect.

White is the color for light, bright-feeling spaces!! If your trim isn’t white, and you’ve been down or disappointed with the dim dinginess of rooms, paint your trim and you’ll see a HUGE difference.

You can even take care of this one on your own, easy.

Install Glass Patio Doors

One guaranteed way to naturally bringing more light into your home (and especially your living room) is to install glass patio doors.

Glass patio doors can positively flood your main living space with light and bring nature into your home…without bringing it INTO your home!!


What Are the Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home?

There’s no denying that having your home properly lit (especially with natural light) is a CRAVING many of us have. Most of us are aware of the benefits, both physical and emotional. No number of lightbulbs and chandeliers can give you what you sunlight brings…

There are perhaps more benefits of natural light in your home than you realize. Here are just some of them:

  • Natural light is the key ingredient interior designers look to when bringing warmth and a sense of “invitation” into your home design.
  • Natural light increases your productivity level! You feel refreshed and ready to jump on the next task.
  • Natural light helps maximize your home’s aesthetic beauty.
  • Natural light also makes your home look more
  • Natural light quickly puts you in a better mood and has been shown to reduce stress.
  • Did you know that natural light could help you sleep better, too? Yes, you read right! Of course, sleeping UNDER the light isn’t how it’s done…it’s just that getting natural light during the day helps reset your body to associating darkness with melatonin production and a good night’s sleep!

When working with interior design ideas or “honey-dos” like installing skylights, getting more natural light into your home requires the expertise of professionals. You might even need to plan to incorporate these ideas into a bigger remodel.

Thinking of bringing more natural light into your home? You’ll find our planner as the companion you need to help you make decisions…download the Home Remodeling Planner to start on your journey to making your home come alive while growing more comfortable and inviting for all.

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