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These 5 factors…can result in your dream bathroom

These 5 factors…can result in your dream bathroom

Whether you’re remodeling your master bath or a spare powder room by the pool, there are COUNTLESS design tricks to talk about. I could point you to special deals…or pro carpentry tips…or even trendy toilets.

But if you’re missing any of these remodel “musts” below, you could be stuck with a bathroom that you don’t like—or even one that puts your health at risk.

Despite those serious implications, the first phase of your remodel planning should be fun…it’s your time to let loose on Pinterest and to pile up those magazine clippings, right?! Inspiration is everywhere…but HOW do you figure out what you’ll really want and need?

Once you get to the real decision-making for your bathroom, a remodel can get daunting. Your bathroom needs to be a practical and serene place, though, so stress shouldn’t be part of the picture, even in your remodel.

The stakes are undoubtedly HIGH in a bathroom remodel. You want that serenity, plus practicality, and a little bit of luxury if you can swing it. For that reason, this week I’m spelling out the five MUST-consider elements of the BEST bathroom remodels so that you can enjoy the perfect space.


1: Lighting

You get ready for the day in the bathroom…every day. And if you want to take ANY pleasure from looking at yourself in the mirror each morning, you need flattering lighting. That does not mean installing a few lights and “calling it a day.” Each bathroom will require different lighting for the sake of safety as much as vanity, and will depend on the placement of the shower, bath, mirrors, and windows.

The easiest way to light a small bathroom, in most cases, is a single light in the center of the ceiling. You can add a couple wall sconces for flair.

For a medium to a larger bathroom, however, particularly with a vanity, have you thought about the mirrors? For example, installing lights at face-height along the borders of the vanity will prevent nasty light that’s cast down from the ceiling (dropping shadows ALL over your face). You can also light all around the mirrors with the super-cool LED lights you can get now.

For lighting tips specific to universal design, I wrote another article dedicated to that very topic…be sure to check it out!


2: Storage

These days, we have LOTS of cool options for storage. And for most bathrooms, that storage will ultimately come down to how you design your cabinets.

For instance, I’ve talked before about grooming stations…those PERFECTLY-designed pull-outs with outlets installed inside, not to mention protective cups where you can set your curling iron or blow dryer inside without creating a nightmare of a safety hazard!

But how about a hamper pull-out in your cabinets, too? We did that in this beautiful bathroom remodel several years ago…

You can have as much storage as you want nowadays, too, what with the custom towers built into bathrooms…just like this one.

EXPERT TIP: Whatever you do, when you design your bathroom storage, don’t forget to install accessible outlets!! You do NOT want to get to the end of your remodel and realize you don’t have enough outlets, or don’t have them in the right place…think about the length of cords and where you need to use each device, too!!


3: Ventilation

Given the nature of a bathroom, this space is ALWAYS going to be a damp and humid place. This, plus the need for mold and odor control, mean that ventilation is KEY to designing any bathroom. Have this conversation early, and be strategic about it!

With your correctly-thought-out bathroom ventilation, you can limit condensation (which means preventing mold and mildew). When left unchecked, mold can lead to nasty health implications and aggravate conditions such as asthma and skin rashes.

Oh, and by the way…ventilation is not just crucial for your health, it also prevents the premature wear and tear of your bathroom finishes!!

I’ve written before about ventilation in kitchens, too, so be sure to take a look.


4: Pick something cool

There are ALWAYS cool things you can do to make a bathroom design more “you.” Why not have a stainless steel sink in the bathroom, for instance? Or install a full-length frosted window in the shower?

Or why not use a WINE barrel as the base of your sink?!

And just check out that door…what an EXPERIENCE at the entryway…

Your bathroom design comes down to what will give you the biggest return on enjoyment. In the bathroom, this rings truer than in just about any other space in your home. Your day starts here, and ends here—it should be designed for YOU.


5: Consider the mirror!

The bathroom mirror—or mirrors—can make or break the experience in the space. Take the extra time to designate where mirrors will go, and also what features are most important to you. Is a wall-mounted vanity important to your daily routine? Or a full-length mirror?

Don’t forget about the BEAUTIFUL custom frames and all the lighting options for mirros now, too…



Whatever you do, have FUN with your bathroom remodel!! Get excited about conversations with your contractor as well as all the selections that will bring your dream to life.

And remember…adding a little touch of what you like—and JUST because you like it—is part of the process!

For example…just take a look at that light fixture!!

Read more about this bathroom remodel here.







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