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5 Home Security Tips for Summer 2020

5 Home Security Tips for Summer 2020

Whether you’re traveling somewhere this summer or staying at home, security is something to think about.

Start with this simple test to see if you’re thinking about security in a complete way…

When you started this article a few seconds ago, did you think immediately of home security systems? And did you ONLY think of that kind of security?!

Not to freak you out, but…how about keeping your home secure from fire or flood while you’re gone? What would you do if you came home and saw that a system had failed? What do you have in place to protect your home from disaster?

Of course, security systems and burglary protections are still part of this picture, too! Nationwide, a home intrusion happens about once every fifteen seconds, and 30% of burglars get in from unlocked doors and windows. WOW.

Having said that…today, security has as much to do with smart home devices as it does with cameras and window sensors!

For a quick 101 on the top 5 things to keep in mind this summer for home safety, keep reading…we have it all!!


Top tips for home safety this summer

1: Lock all doors and windows

We’re starting with the obvious—but even if it’s obvious, so many people don’t do it!! Get into the habit of locking ALL doors and windows, even when you’re at home. Do you really want someone to come in while your family is around?! The risk is real whether or not your house is empty…

2: Cut back the bushes!

Any shrubbery, bushes or trees that block the view of windows and doors is actually a security hazard. These end up acting as SCREENS for burglars who force entry into your home.

3: Put the right lighting up around the exterior of your house

It’s more common than you would think…SO often, we see homes where there’s NO adequate lighting around the house at night. When it’s pitch black, not only is this an invitation for burglary, it’s a safety hazard for you and anyone else who’s outside!

At a MINIMUM, put up motion detector lights around key areas of your home’s exterior.

4: Be “smart”

You’ve probably read about smart thermostats…and yes, you CAN save a boatload of money over the summer with remote and programmable control of your thermostat!

That’s not the only way you can be “smart,” though. Now, there are even remote-control window treatments you can raise and lower while you’re gone! Just imagine…you can set the blinds to go up and down automatically at designated times, too, to give the appearance that someone is home. You can also control light better this way—and, therefore, how hard your A/C has to work!!

Who knows—maybe you’re due for a window treatment update, anyway? Look at our checklist to find out if that’s the case…

BONUS: In terms of all-things “smart,” there is an INCREDIBLY convenient smart home service we’re going to be offering soon…it’s a system of smart thermostats, outlets, light switches, water management, AND security monitoring—all in one!! Everything can be controlled via an app on your phone. The service is called Building36, and is a subsidiary of Alarm.com.

Be sure to ask us about this! It’s about security, avoiding system failures, and saving you LOTS of money…

5: Home security systems

And, yes, home security systems are part of this picture, too!! If you’re due for an install or an upgrade, consider wireless security systems, specifically, to prevent any burglars from cutting the electricity or phone lines to disable sensors and alarms.

BONUS TIP: Another thing many people totally forget is to ensure your house number is EASILY visible from the street. If there is an emergency, you’ll need to be sure your home can be found right away!


Even if you have a family member or neighbor stopping by while you’re away, this summer is a weird one, and we want to make sure EVERYONE has what they need to stay safe and comfortable to the greatest extent possible. And if your vacation was cancelled or postponed this year, what about your safety while you’re at home? That’s even MORE important!!

What tip stands out to you, and which will be first on your list? Start the conversation with us on social!!

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