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5 Best Home Buys Before Summer Heats Up

5 Best Home Buys Before Summer Heats Up

Soon, it will be too hot to function. If that means time by the poolside, though, count us in!!

With summer approaching (which we are THRILLED about), shopping for the season is already happening online! Fewer of us are going out, yes, but as the economy opens back up, everything you need for an unforgettable summer is already within reach—and shipped right to your door.

Warmer months mean you’ll need key things for your home now if you plan on staying comfortable until fall comes. Look at the list below and make sure you can check each of these items off. You probably already have at least one or two…you will NOT want to be without the rest, however, because—come June—plenty of these are likely to be sold out!!

Here’s the best shopping list to prepare your home for summer


1: If your air conditioning was struggling last year, NOW is the time to replace it

If your A/C unit was on its “last leg” before, buy and install a new one now. North Texas, after all, is NOT a friendly climate in the summer without this home essential!! And your options will be limited as soon as too many people get in before you.

Expert tip: If you do plan on spending more time at home this year (maybe a vacation was cancelled, or you’re working from home), you should also consider making air quality your new priority. Whether or not your A/C needs to be replaced, you can have an expert in indoor air quality come out now before the rush.


2: A lighter loungewear set

Back to the notion that many people might be spending more time at home this year…perhaps loungewear has become your extended-daywear!! (No judgment.)

Even as warmer months come rolling in, you might want to continue the trend of loungewear options, but at the same time mix and match to stay fresh in your new daily “normal.” Before those temps stay over 80 degrees, be sure to ditch the sweatpants for breezy shorts and comfortable sleeveless shirts. Your loungewear will need an upgrade this summer.


3: Lawn games

Make the most of that home time if you’re not traveling this summer. If you want to have some fun, just buy some lawn games to enjoy as a family!

Just google “life-sized Jenga tower” and see what other fun games you find—there are some wild options out there if your back yard is big enough! Take your pick, find it online, and get it shipped right to your door. Just try to favor the games played outdoors…you and your family will appreciate the time under the sun.


4: Patio furniture for your outdoor space

Lazy days outdoors are made SO much more luxurious with patio furniture you adore…is it time for a style upgrade in your back yard?

Expert tip: Thing is, a LOT of other people will have this same idea! Shopping for patio furniture ASAP is a must. There are even still some deals and discounts before summer prices set in…


5: Pool gear

If you do have a pool…how much time do YOU anticipate lounging around it this summer?! Make sure you pick up any new pool gear you need FAST, because this stuff will fly off the shelves as people plan for a summer at home. Swim suit? Goggles? New towels? Get them now!!


BONUS: “Off-season” stuff to buy in May

If you’re on a roll and are having fun making these purchases, you might want to know what other items are ESPECIALLY great to pick up this month, in May, thanks to big discounts…

For example, you can obviously buy the last of the spring clothing on sale now!! You’ll be ready for next year in a snap.

And another thing…now that we’ve passed Mother’s Day, jewelry prices historically come WAY down. Is there something you’ve had your eye on for a while? Now is the time to make that purchase!!

Refrigerators and appliances also typically go on sale in May, too…this is because the new models are about to come out, so stores are making room for the shipments.


What do you have your eye on? Will you be doing all your shopping online? Start the conversation with us on Facebook!!

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