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5 Advantages of Hiring an Interior Designer

5 Advantages of Hiring an Interior Designer

Your home should look amazing, it’s true. It should also be a reflection of you style as well as a MAJOR support to your day-to-day function! However you live your life is how your home should be set up.

What a novel idea, right?

Perhaps that sounds impossible to you. Or maybe you just don’t realize how deliberately your home design can be catered to your likes and needs. The thing is, incredible interior design does NOT happen by accident…so few homeowners ever know about or enjoy it!

Getting your spaces carefully planned and curated to your life can be done by hiring the right interior designer. That simple. You’ll not only get the space you REALLY want, you also tap into multiple other benefits that make the whole experience more pleasant, and more satisfying at the end.

We believe that EVERY one of you deserves to live in a space that brings you safety, comfort, and joy. Here are the 5 reasons why hiring an interior designer will help you get just that!!


1: First things first…you’ll save money

If you’ve ever bought furniture that looked perfect in the store, only to get it delivered and find out it wasn’t the right size for your space…you know the pain.

Or if you’ve painted a wall MORE than once over the course of the same project, just to find that perfect color palette, you also know the pain.

Of course…paying an interior designer can sound just like “another expense.” But the truth is that your designer can help you AVOID these kinds of costly mistakes…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Your interior designer will also be the professional with the most experience getting the best value out of your budget. It will be easy for you to accidentally overspend where you don’t have to, whereas your designer can help you avoid that entirely.

You’ll also understand better where every penny is going! For example, your designer can do this by helping you source products. You’ll get them at the best prices, and sometimes those prices can even reflect special discounts thanks to the relationship that designer has with each maker or supplier. Your interior designer’s affiliate network is also another GREAT resource that ultimately could save you dollars!!


2: You’ll really “see” your design

Your interior designer will present you with your design concepts, selections, mood boards and more so you can truly SEE what your space will become. This ensures you get a complete idea of the finished product before you buy a single thing!! This is also where adjustments are made before you foot the bill for a mistake in fixtures, furniture or finishes…

At Signature Home Services, we create beautiful 3D designs so you can start to live the design right away. Here are some 3D renderings from some of our recent projects…


3: Your expectations will be met

Of course, the first step to ensure your designer meets your expectations is to set the RIGHT expectations. Be sure to follow that link to my recent article about WHAT expectations to set, because you deserve a LOT more than most people permit themselves…

You probably have a picture in your mind of how your home’s interior should look. And because you aren’t sure how exactly to achieve it, that’s where the right designer comes in. However, communicating that picture in your head can be hard, so for your designer to “get it right,” it’s essential that you talk about your expectations in specific terms from the start. Then, when design is done, you can be proud to show off the home that looks EXACTLY how you wanted it…

Knowing what personality you should look for in an interior designer to really get that right “click” with the professional you choose requires some introspection on your part, too!! Take our Remodeling Personality Quiz to get a BIG insight into what kind of interior designer you should be looking for…


4: You’ll get a PROFESSIONAL assessment

When you hire a professional interior designer, you unlock the magic of an IMMEDIATE action plan. You can finally sit back and relax!! A registered designer has years of schooling, technical experience, and certifications to guide you through every step of the process.

That designer’s trained eye will see things you would have otherwise missed. Your designer will also be able to balance the art of design with the science behind it…because BOTH are essential components to your design.

Working with a professional will give you personal access to all the know-hows on what to do with every space in your home….all you have to do is talk about you want, and you’ll get a professional take on how to achieve it.


5: You’ll skip “options overload!”

Most of the time, your interior designer will know exactly what’s best for a space. After a conversation with you to identify your likes, wants and needs, with one look at a room your interior designer will start to magically craft what you want.

Without an interior designer, you’ll fall prey to what we call “option overload.” Thanks to online shopping and the ENDLESS selections you can shop for, and ESPECIALLY thanks to inspiration boards like Pinterest and Houzz, as soon as you see one thing you like, you see eight more. Option overload is what happens when you have too much inspiration and find yourself unable to select the right pieces and compose them together for the look you’re really after…

For starters, you can take our Interior Design Style Quiz to get immediate feedback on which design style you should favor…but even that will only take you so far!! Take your results on the quiz and contact us so we can help you translate that style into the unique project details to make YOUR dream space a reality.

You don’t want a room composed with “stuff” from some big-box retailer. But you also don’t have the time, energy or expertise to select the right pieces from all those beautiful fixtures and furniture choices you seen online! Contact us today about our interior design services, and cash in on these five benefits and more.

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