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4 Home Maintenance Jobs in Summertime with the Best Value

4 Home Maintenance Jobs in Summertime with the Best Value

Ah, summerat last! The temps haven’t been soaring quite as high as early as we’re use to in the Metroplex…but that’s not all bad.

Normally, by this time the lawns are brown and crispy already. But through June we didn’t have even one day over 100!! Lawns today are still lush, and the summer sun is still inviting enough to check that needed summer home maintenance off your list…

There are SO many tasks we could tell you to do this summer, because there are many, MANY home maintenance “to-dos” that are best done twice per year or once each quarter.

But what are the BEST home maintenance tasks to do in the summer? Where do you get the biggest bang for your buck (and your time)? If you’re going to get something checked, cleaned or updated, why not go about it strategically, by season?

That’s exactly what I’m here to answer.

Before the Texas weather remembers its usual onslaught of heat, check out our top 4 home maintenance tasks that WILL bring the biggest value and are the tasks that will make the biggest difference, here and now, this sunny summer in North Texas.


Outdoor summer home maintenance

1: Outdoor home maintenance tasks

We’re calling ALL outdoor summer home maintenance one of our “top home maintenance task,” because the weather really is perfect right now, and these tasks go hand-in-hand.

outdoor home maintenance in north texas

You’re going to have guests, maybe some will even stay with you, and goodness knows there will be a barbeque or dinner at some point this summer…right? This task really is the go-to for a boost of confidence in your home and in the first impressions it can provide.

  • Start with an exterior home cleaning, which includes freshening up paint on trim if it needs it. Maybe this is an opportunity to change the trim color?!
  • And how about the walkway, stairways and front door? Clear the pathways and stairs of dead-plant pots, leaves and debris and make sure that front door is stained or painted.
  • Finally, make sure the exterior lights are all working and your sprinkler system has no broken heads. These are EASY mechanical fixes (the lights might just need new lightbulbs) that will keep your home looking not only fresh but beautiful well into the “crunchy lawn” summer months!!


Indoor summer home maintenance

2: A little paint—from an accent wall to a series of rooms

Moving indoors for your home maintenance, something like painting a space can bring a whole new feel into your home right in time for those barbeques and visitors. Nervous about choosing the timeless colors you’ll love tomorrow, given how long it’s taken you to paint THIS time around? Read more about timeless paint colors here

And besides…you don’t have to paint your home interior all at once! Start by asking yourself:

  1. Which room needs it most?
  2. Which room are you just SICK of as-is?
  3. Which room could use an accent wall?

And have fun with it! Paint and paint colors are where I really start getting pumped up…if you do have questions, or are looking for ideas, please reach out to me, personally!

interior painting for the best home maintenance according to the experts

Expert tip: Painting a space also helps it look cleaner. Again, we come back to those visitors and barbeques you’re expecting this summer…show your space at its best! Leave visitors with the same feeling you have in your home


3: Make HVAC filters easy ONCE AND FOR ALL…

Some people say to change your HVAC filter ever month, especially during summer in Texas where you BLAST the A/C all day, every day.

But the frequency of your filter change will depend on the quality of that filter, too. Not to say your HVAC maintenance shouldn’t be top-of-mind this summer!! You just might not need to be changing that filter every. Single. Month. (Whew!)

Seriously—what would you do if your A/C went out the night before you were expecting guests?

We actually have a service for Signature Home Service clients where we have the right filter sent to their homes when the time to replace it comes up. This makes replacing A/C filters automatic AND something you can totally strike from your mental “to-do” list!!

Also be sure this summer to clear any trash and debris away from the outside of your HVAC unit to help it run more efficiently. It’s recommended to get the system serviced twice each year, so if you’re not staying true to that…at least show your HVAC some love with these basic and high-value maintenance tips! Your summer will be SO much cooler for it!


4: Water conservation (and water bill control)

check for leaks to save money this summer in Tarrant County North TexasMaking sure faucet aren’t dripping and toilets aren’t running incessantly is especially important in summer months. Just like that sprinkler that’s over-spraying, you can use a lot of unnecessary water (and spend a lot of unnecessary dollars on your water bill) with one single leak.

Start by taking a walk around your house to check faucets and toilets (give each a listen for dripping or leaks). If you’re up for a toilet update or a faucet upgrade, these items can save you even more this summer.


Home maintenance is as much about seasonal priorities as it is about “getting ‘er done.” And your home maintenance list can get LONG if left unaddressed. Maintenance that’s put off can also create more items (that also cost more) over time.

Did you take advantage of our cool, cool June? Does one of these high-value home maintenance tasks look like something you want to do? Let us know!

To read out more, check this article out.

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