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3 Ways to Switch Your Kitchen Up

3 Ways to Switch Your Kitchen Up

Do you want to switch your kitchen up?…

Have you gotten tired of its current style? Has your kitchen grown dated?…

Do you just need a change?!

Remodels in general—and kitchens in particular—have been a HUGE trend in the last three years. Blame the pandemic, or blame new dietary trends…but people are finally using their kitchens to COOK more! It’s great to see.

Even with improved functionality in mind, however, SO much of what you crave to update in your kitchen comes down to the aesthetics. Isn’t that right?

And yet, there’s such a big range of kitchen styles…and you do not need to change the whole style to make a HUGE difference.

Consider these three elements of your kitchen instead, and focus on any one of them if you want to switch your kitchen up in a BIG way…



Cabinets are a fundamental feature of your kitchen. They’re also one of the most well-made parts of your home.

…At least, they should be.

Custom cabinets are a game-changer in the kitchen. Yet, unlike most other elements, they’re as important in their function as they are for the overall look of the space.

So, want to change up the look of your kitchen? Change up your cabinets, and the whole space transforms.

full kitchen remodel by signature home services showing cabinets custom designed with natural wood



Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are sometimes squeezed into the worst corner of a kitchen, or built TOO small for a large space…and more often than not, they’re built without making productive use of every bit of space inside!!

The most functional kitchen islands have plumbing and electricity…they have pop-up charging ports…they have a prep sink…they might have a beverage fridge and your dish washer, too…

THAT is how a kitchen island should be built!

If you update your island to be as functional as it can be…

  • You’ll have more room in the kitchen
  • You won’t feel like the island is “in your way” as you clean and cook
  • It will keep guests out of your way, too, even if they hang with you
  • It will have functional AND decorative lighting, too

Switching up your island will absolutely mean getting it professionally designed. And it will be worth it.

Not completely sure if you need a kitchen island? Read about it


kitchen remodel by signature home services with custom cabinets in walnut island opening and closing



Kitchen Colors

Colors say a LOT. The color of your kitchen creates a mood…it impacts your guests when they come in…it sets the tone every time you cook

For more neutral colors that you can accessorize (best of all, accessorize with custom color appliances), colors like white, gray and even blue can really work.

Yellow and green have their appeal, too, especially with today’s greener home design and cooking. With a green kitchen, people are also triggered to enjoy healthier foods…they’re more willing to try new foods, too!!

Warmer colors like red—in just about every shade—are also known for increasing people’s appetite.

Read more about what experts say about painting your kitchen


Any major kitchen renovation will mean a major investment. Even though a total gut and redo could fit your lifestyle in exciting ways, if you do want to start by switching things up instead of jumping into the whole remodel, consider one of these investments…in your cabinets, island, or kitchen colors.

New cabinets account for between 30 and 40% of a major kitchen remodel, by the way, so if you DO get that out of the way now, finishing a complete renovation later won’t be nearly as painful later.

How do you know, though, if you should just go for the kitchen gut-and-redo at once?! There are ways you can uncover if a kitchen “facelift” or a “do over” is in the cards…

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