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3 Ways to Have Fun with eDesign

3 Ways to Have Fun with eDesign

Sometimes, the thrill that comes with getting deep into an interior design project can help you cherish the outcome more…

…At least, that’s what you think until you’re up to your eyeballs in too many selections, outstanding emails awaiting replies from manufacturers, and timelines that can NEVER be nailed down with the HUGE supply chain problems…

  • How can you schedule the installation of your design selections if half the delivery dates keep changing?!
  • How should you weigh lead times of up to a YEAR long when making the final decision on your selections?
  • HOW do you even decide on selections with SO much inspiration filling your Pinterest feed every day?!
  • And how, HOW, is it possible that this one project is suddenly turning into a full-time job?

There are plenty of reasons to hire an interior designer. But the one designer who really “gets” it might not be local.

Fortunately, eDesign is a growing trend, and today’s most sophisticated registered interior designers have tools to make the experience uniquely memorable and vision-driven…


What is eDesign?

The term “eDesign” refers to the virtual delivery of interior design services. Of course, your final selections are still delivered to your door! Digital design services simply allow you to collaborate with professional interior designers from any place.

Your eDesign services take place over phone calls, emails and videoconferencing, among other platforms.

Some designers just trying to get in on the fad define eDesign as one where the interior designer NEVER visits the project site, but that’s only true for some projects. An eDesign project can also enjoy the convenience of online collaboration with a local interior designer who CAN still visit your home.

That’s what we do. We have online-only interior design for those who want it, and we have “hybrid” interior design services where we accompany you to your selections appointments, or oversee installation…whatever your project requires!!

Keep reading to learn more about what that looks like…

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5 Reasons You Should Choose eDesign for Your Next Interior Design Project

Whether it’s a dingy bathroom that needs to come alive, or an outdated kitchen that needs to be brought into this century, interior design is a “return on enjoyment” service. If your ideal outcome in your design project is to absolutely LOVE the final space, then an interior designer is the professional to talk to.

Long before you embark on an interior design project, you’ve already fantasized about the outcome…a space that “speaks” to you, or an interior you LOVE to look at…maybe one you’re proud to show off, too!!

You just sat around and thought about it, didn’t you?! If you weren’t motivated to start that design project, you’ll benefit in a BIG way from the convenience of eDesign.

Here are the top 4 reasons you should consider an eDesign service:

  1. Convenience and flexibility
  2. Collaborate and create without borders
  3. Lean-yet-efficient design process
  4. An opportunity to get involved in the nitty-gritty

Convenience and Flexibility

One of the biggest pros to eDesign is that the process emphasizes convenience and flexibility. All eDesign is client-focused and built to minimize what’s required of you.

Opting for an eDesign service also means you get to book consultations by the hour, exchange emails at your convenience, and gain access to a simpler, more flexible design process.

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Collaborate and Create Without Borders

With eDesign, you don’t have to worry about the location of your interior designer. This gives you the freedom to work with a designer based ENTIRELY on chemistry and who really “gets” you!

You can also prioritize the quality of service when looking for interior designers, instead of picking the “least unimpressive” if the interior designers in your city just don’t live up to your expectations.

Lean-Yet-Efficient Design Process

Because you can book consultations hourly at will, the eDesign process is inherently leaner. An eDesign project also skips some of the back-and-forth that causes delay in traditional, in-house design.

An Opportunity to Get Involved in the Nitty-Gritty

IF you want to, eDesign also allows you to take over some of the details yourself, if you want! Book your online interior designer for the consultations you need, then you do the rest.

If you DON’T want to be the one piecing together installation schedules and calculating lead time, then your eDesigner can manage the whole project, too.

Best of all, even if you start with one mentality then change your mind, eDesign is the one service option that allows you the flexibility to seamlessly make the switch!!

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3 Ways to Have FUN With eDesign

Let’s see some interior design projects you can have the MOST fun with through eDesign…

Living Space Design

Is your living room or family room out-of-date? Is it just BORING to you? Perhaps the window coverings are “BLAH”…or the color no longer seems right…there are MANY reasons to want to redesign your living space, and most times, you want to get it done quickly.

If that’s the case, you should consider redesigning your living space through an eDesign service.

An eDesign service will start with a video call so you can walk your interior designer around your space. It will be FAR more convenient to schedule the first call and all follow-up calls as you work through selections and get your design plan put together.

The best part? You can still keep LIVING in that living space without the disruption of appointments on-site!

Bathroom Design

We can NEVER get enough of redesigning our bathroom, even if it’s just a small shake-up.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “why not wait until I have two or three other similar projects before I call an interior designer?”

Well, that’s where eDesign comes in! Call in an interior designer to get a consultation virtually and stop procrastinating. With hourly consultation options, you can get even the smallest projects started and get them OFF your mind!!

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Kitchen Design

Whether it’s repainting your kitchen or switching up your cabinet hardware, kitchen re-designs have the BIGGEST impact on your lifestyle and feeling of “home” in your house.

The last time you saw a feature you LOVED in a kitchen on Houzz or Pinterest, and you KNEW it would REALLY help improve your kitchen’s ambiance and appeal, did you imagine that you could actually MAKE that change with a quick and easy eDesign project?!


The interior design industry has been ALL OVER the place when it comes to eDesign. Many people claim it’s for small projects or one-room projects alone…some claim that interior designers only serve as “guides,” while others still provide inspiration-to-realization project management for design projects.

Our hybrid eDesign service allows us to serve you with TOTAL precision to your preferred level of comfort and convenience. You can always call us in for the nitty-gritty, too, like measuring your rooms, making purchases, or installing materials.

Request an interior design consultation with our team today and see for yourself!

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