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15 Design Tips for the Perfect Powder Room

15 Design Tips for the Perfect Powder Room

The powder room is typically a main-floor half-bath with a sink, a toilet, and a mirror. It’s often the home’s smallest room, averaging just 4 feet by 5 feet.

And yet, if you measure its worth by the amount of traffic a room gets per square foot, the powder room could be the most valuable space in your home!

Thanks to its petite size, a half-bath can often be one of the least expensive rooms in the house to renovate. In such a small space, it’s possible to make a BIG impact with only a few small changes like a new sink or faucet, or an updated countertop.

If it’s been a while since you remodeled your powder room, you might want to investigate some of the more popular design trends today to get the creative wheels turning. Keep on reading for 15 expert tips on how to design the perfect powder room for your family and guests.

1: Color

Many aspects of choosing color will come down to preference, but it’s important to take design trends into account so your can get that “ reaction” to better define what you like. For example, choosing a deep or dramatic hue has been popular for the last several years, despite powder rooms being so small. The idea is that the small space can have a bigger impact with an intense color, even adding an element of surprise from the hallway when someone opens the door.

Texture can also play an important role. Consider a reflective material to help lighten up the space. If you’re not into bold hues, earth tones and light-colored natural materials can also help keep the space feeling open and fresh.

2: Faucets

The faucet is an especially important element in powder room design because it really helps solidify the room’s style. Whether you choose a traditional-style faucet or a more streamlined and modern look will come down to the concept you have for this space.

And selecting the right finish is as important as the faucet; just make sure it blends with the overall design. A touch of sparkle is a great way to make a small space feel elegant.

3: Sinks

Vessel-type sinks are particularly popular and come in a variety of styles that complement all periods of design. The possibilities are truly endless. These sinks are also available in a wide range of materials, from marble and glass to stainless steel, bronze and textured ceramics, addressing a myriad of style and functionality needs.

4: Toilets


Consider a one-piece toilet that lends your powder room a furnished—rather than a utilitarian—look. Many models have built-in water efficiency. Another popular feature is sound modulation for more discreet flushing, especially for the powder room that’s alongside communal areas of the home.

5: Flooring

Hardwood floors remain popular, as are rich materials such as granite and marble that offer an upscale look. You may also consider running the same floor material from the hallway into the powder room to create a natural flow.

If you want the look and feel of a hardwood floor that’s both durable and eco-friendly, play with the idea of bamboo. Alternately, ceramic tile or slate with radiant heating may eliminate the need for a second heat source in the room.

To read more, check this article out.


6: Finishing touches

Crown molding (3-5 inches) around the room’s perimeter and up to 8 inches of base boarding are popular ways to add detail in a powder room. This highlights the architectural elements of the space and makes the room feel even more “finished.”

7: Be style-consistent

If your home style is contemporary, use modern materials in your powder room such as laminate or designer wood. If you live in a period home, select fixtures and décor that match the rest of the house.

8: First impressions count

Consider the powder room a showcase for your home and give it as much attention as you do your other public spaces. And get inspired! What will your powder room tell guests about your home?

9: Counter intelligence

For powder room countertops, consider using bright or reflective materials such as granite or quartz. Slate, which is warmer than ceramic tile, can be combined with granite or quartz countertops to give a calm (while not overly decorated) look.

All manufacturers use the same patented process to produce quartz countertops, which are famous for their durability. And manmade materials as a whole are generally known for retaining their glossy look and being very easy to clean.

If you’re looking for a green alternative but still want shine and durability, consider recycled glass.

10: Take chances

Refinishing the walls in the smallest room in the house is much less time consuming than changing the wallpaper or paint in any other room, so this is a great place to let your inner decorator run wild.

What ideas have you been itching to try?

11: Live large

Maximize space in your powder room by using a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. For extra space and storage, consider a petite vanity.

A well-placed mirror will do wonders for small spaces, making your powder room feel larger and more appealing. Consider a console table or pedestal built as a decorative mirror storage solution to offer the much-needed functionality your powder room needs.”

12: Consider your guests

Because the powder room is largely for visitors, think about providing little courtesies like providing a place for women to set their bags (an empty countertop or shelf, for example).

What else do you love to see in powder rooms when you visit other people’s homes?


13: See clearly

Don’t overlook lighting, which can contribute to the overall effect or theme of your powder room. It’s better to over-light than under-light, and you can always use a dimmer switch.

14: Guide the way

More specifically, under-cabinet lights can function as nightlights or mood lighting when the room is unoccupied and can help guide guests who are unfamiliar with your home’s layout.

15: Keep it clean

Keep the room architecturally clean and avoid over decorating or inundating the room with personal objects. Leave counters empty so guests can set down purses or car keys, and take care in choosing accessories like towel bars, towel rings, and soap dispensers.

The powder room, while small, makes a BIG statement about you and your home. With a little thought and imagination, you can make sure it’s speaking with your distinct voice.


What would your one dream be to make the perfect powder room possible?…

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