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12 Ways to Dress Windows

12 Ways to Dress Windows

Some of us have a love-hate relationship with winter clothing.

On one hand, the combinations of layers and cold-weather accessories are downright darling!! The drapey sweaters and forgiving outer layers make us feel less woeful about the holiday season’s impact on our waistline.

At the same time, it’s a season of forced modesty… Cute (dare I say sexy) outfits are few to none… Those forgiving articles we’re so fond of sometimes make us look like a tent in photos, too!!

Whatever your feelings, you have to admit: when it comes to accessorizing, combining and getting creative, there’s NO better time of year.

Think of your windows like you do your winter wardrobe! It might be cold out there, but inside you have a BOLD statement to make.

There are truly endless possibilities when dressing your windows. Look at my 12 favorite ideas below!!


  1. Move the rod (up OR down)

You can instantly shake things up by moving the hanging rod on any windows where you have curtains or drapes.

Some window shapes are WEIRD, too, and moving the rod can give you a creative solution!

Moving the bar is also a GREAT way to correct the “look” of your drape length…drapes should just barely rise above the floor, unless you’re into that sweeping, droopy look. (The little pools of drapes on your floor can look beautiful…but they also act as nasty dust traps.)


  1. Double up on window treatments

Too few homeowners have permitted themselves the luxury of MULTIPLE window treatments in one place…this is usually a combination of drapes with some kind of blind underneath. That gives you purpose-specific light control and access to more window covering tech while ALSO giving you the beauty and class of heavy, colorful drapes.

Graber blinds and curtains

These are just some of the custom Graber window treatments we are a dealer for…look at the Graber gallery for more!


  1. Use your greenery!

For garden windows or any of your small or oddly shaped ones that don’t face east or west, consider going bare and adorning your window space with house plants! There will still be ample sun for most plants to thrive…and you’ll softly blend the lines between indoors and out!


  1. Window sashes

If you’re pleased (or “happy enough”) with your current window coverings but just want a splash of something new, consider throwing a long section of patterned or colored fabric over a single window as though it were a sort of “window scarf.”

Spend a little time thinking about your fabric choice, too! This can be a stunning way to show off a little of your personality!!


  1. Adorn

Even if you’ve already packed your holiday adornments away, there’s some room to go a little crazy with some old favorites or even some new ones with your window coverings.

Simply hook like adornments (never mis-matched ones, unless you’re REALLY into that eclectic look) evenly spaced across the length of your drapery rods…or install new rods to hang them from!

This is something EASY to switch out often for an updated look, by the way.


  1. Can you find some neat napkin rings?

You can use decorative napkin rings as drapery ties, and they’ll NEVER look out of place! In fact, they can look extremely cool!! These are like the jewelry to your windows…

Just slide the napkin rings up your drape and fluff the drape where you want the ring to stop.


  1. Paint your window frames a new color

How about painting your window frames a rich, contrasting color with the walls?! This goes ESPECIALLY well in white rooms…a black and white contrast is particularly tempting (and timeless).

Just see this black and white bathroom remodel I wrote about…


  1. Hang art around and over the windows

Picture it…a great, big painting, perhaps even the jewel of your sitting room, hanging gracefully over the center of a window…

Talk about a way to highlight the best of any space!!

Smaller frames and artwork can also be hung around the edges of windows for a gallery effect.

Speaking of personality, do you know what your window coverings say about you?


  1. Curtains further out in front of a nook

If you have any shallow sitting nook, consider installing a drapery rod well out and away from the window, at the level of the wall of the room. This creates a cozy oasis behind the curtains that, frankly, I would have LOVED as a little girl!!


  1. Frost it

Looking for something a little more minimalistic? You can just frost the glass of your windows and do away with window coverings entirely…or, you can continue to use them to contrast over the opaque glass and bring richer color into the space!


  1. From curtain to canopy

Of course, if you love the dreamworld sort of look (especially in bedrooms), you can extend your draperies WAY out from the window and further up the ceiling…out into the walls…and then use the fabric to create swoopy canopies around the room!


  1. Sew on new trim

If you’re OK with your drapes but want to add a little intrigue, consider getting a new two-to-four-inch trim sewn on…this is even something you can DIY for an instant “pop” in any space!



Would you hang your drapes with a custom rod? Maybe even one a little more “natural?” Check out this look and tell us!!


Your windows might be the “eyes” into the soul of your home, which makes the window treatments like your hairstyle…your excuse to get dressed up…your playground for jewelry and expression of all sorts!

Keep reading about trending window coverings for more ideas…or share your favorite with us on Facebook!

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