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12 Best Home Purchases for Autumn 2020

12 Best Home Purchases for Autumn 2020

If there’s anything that will get you more excited for autumn, it’s spicing up your space with these top purchase for fall 2020!!

These 12 home items bring all that seasonal magic in with them…just think of the apple picking, the hayrides and the rest…or maybe just those cozy nights at home in front of your favorite Halloween flick with big, chunky blankets thrown over each couch in the house.

Spring might be the time for “renewals” and “makeovers,” but autumn brings some our favorite holidays, foods, and festivities. For a little inspiration—and to feel totally equipped in your home furnishings and décor this year—read through our 12 perfect home item buys for fall 2020!


1: Appliances

There’s a method to our madness, you know! This list is composed of those home items that are smartest to buy in the fall this year—and that list is topped with home appliances!! New models of electrical appliances tend to come out in September and October…meaning the previous models will be on sale to clear them out!

If you’re getting ready for a kitchen remodel before the holidays, read our tip sheet on how to select the right appliances for your space.


2: Lawn mowers

There are TWO reasons why lawn mowers are a smart buy this time of year…first, as summer rolls out, stores’ demand will go down for lawn mowers—and prices with them. And second, those same stores need to clear out product to make room for winter gear!! Watch for sales soon, because lawn mowers will be among those items that MUST go!


3: Grills

With summer on its way out, this classic seasonal home item flies RIGHT out of stores with killer sale prices this time of year. And in Texas, sometimes the summer heat is TOO much to stand outside and grill…maybe some of your best grilling days will come yet, this fall!


4: Gardening items

Of course, even with some of your blooms going to sleep until spring, it’s STILL going to be necessary to tend to your trees and other plants during the fall and winter…and now, gardening tools are going on sale to help you upgrade or add to your tool shed! Buy what you need to trim dead branches out of trees, especially, given the cold that will soon be on its way…

EXPERT TIP: If you do want to supplement your outdoor greenery with a little seasonal “oomph” this autumn, add some hanging pots outside to showcase some seasonal plants!! Imagine the autumn-y touch that some colorful chrysanthemums could add to your front stairway…or your favorite orange-tinged foliage to give off even more autumn vibes!!


5: A leaf rake

It’s that time of year all right! Raking up all those leaves as soon as they start coming down, your home will look cozier and more inviting with a clean yard. Believe me. To stay ahead of it this year, be sure you have a rake you like, one that makes your job easier…buy it now before prices go up at the height of the season!


6: Lawn fertilizer

Even in North Texas, applying lawn fertilizer before the cold comes in can prevent winter damage to your lawn. And preventing damage means preserving that rich, beautiful color of your lawn for spring and summer next year!!


7: Batteries!

Ensure all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, AND that you know what kind of batteries they take so you can buy more of them—NOW.

This is a seasonal check that should take place for all your alarms, four times per year…for more home health and safety checkup items like this one, look at our free Home Inspection Checklist.


8: Fall (floral) décor

You can outfit your dining room table with colors of the season…or set your mantel up with luscious faux foliage…or set that deep green runner across the coffee table. The point is, you will have a LOT more fun decorating for fall if you buy whatever new décor you want now before prices go up!

To get a running head start on your “design style” and what else you can do with autumn decoration this year, take our Interior Design Style Quiz! You get you optimal design style results right away…


9: Coverings for exterior hoses and faucets

When the cold weather does set in, you want to be sure your exterior hoses and faucets are covered. Early autumn is the best time to invest in those coverings to prevent any water damage caused by freezes or flooding…those cold temperatures can set in unexpectedly!


10: Caulk

Now is ALSO the ideal time to look at your windows’ and doors’ weather stripping. Replace or repair wherever it’s necessary. (Or, contact our handyman services so we can send a professional to check for you.) Caulk is your go-to solution for any cracks that could contribute to increases in your heating bill this yea…


11: Lightbulbs

Get a head start and stock up on lightbulbs now! For one, you won’t be as eager to go to the store in the cold this fall and winter…and second, perhaps more importantly, consumer electric bills this year have gone up by 10% for homeowners (with so many of us spending more time at home)…even your longest-lasting lightbulbs WILL go out with all this use! Be sure you have the standard bulbs and a least one or two extras of any specialty bulbs, too…


12: Gutter straightener

Even though we don’t get much snow or ice around Keller, they both DO happen. And falling leaves will be weighed down by rain and light freezes, too, making your gutters a prime place for build-up this fall. Buy a gutter straightener in case your gutters do bend and sag from the weight of winter debris so you can correct them (so they keep doing their job)!

EXPERT TIP: If you aren’t comfortable (or know you shouldn’t be) on a ladder, call us to help you with any gutter fixes.


BONUS: Make your yard cozier!

Just because the temps take a nosedive doesn’t mean you can’t still get PLENTY out of your yard and outdoor sitting areas this fall!! Add string lights for ambience…and plush blankets for charm. Have fun with fuzzy pillows, and get ready to cozy up in your space for a beautiful fall afternoon!


Preparing your home for autumn is as much about the routine maintenance as it is about maximizing your space for comfort AND enjoyment. What do you love most about fall? And how can your home design support it?! Talk to us on Facebook to tell us what your autumn priorities are!!


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