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12 Amazing Design Finds

12 Amazing Design Finds

Designing any space in your home can be enthralling. The process can also be OVERWHELMING. With so many design options and inspirations (thank you, Pinterest), it can be hard to make final choices.

Forward momentum toward your dream space fizzles and dies when you can’t make decisions.

Whatever your design style, the big picture AND the small details are both important. From furniture selections to the candles you set on your built-in, you have the chance to make your dream a reality with the right choices put in front of you.

Maybe you’re planning a full remodel, or maybe you just need a “refresh.” To give you a taste of what’s out there, we’ve hand-picked 12 of our OWN favorite finds in home design.

Inspiration is great, but decisions are where dreams meet reality. Use this list as your own “design sense test,” because whether you have a “LOVE IT” reaction or a “meh” one, either way that tells you something. Decisions on your own interior design selections will be that much easier afterword…trust me!


White dove shades1 – Color: White Dove by Benjamin Moore

As far as shades of white go, White Dove by Benjamin Moore is remarkably versatile. With several different shades to choose from, every option is still light and luminous to give your space a gorgeous glow.

This classic is a go-to for anyone looking to display lots of art or keep a space “neutral.”


2 – Coffee Table Book: Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

What good is your interior design update in your home if you can’t talk about it with everyone who comes over?! This incredible coffee table book is packed with extraordinary photos of architectural designs from over the century.

The interiors of many celebs homes are featured in this Architectural Digest collection, too, so you’ll satisfy some curiosities you didn’t even know you had…


Ivory Neutral Rug3 – Rug: (Ivory/Natural) The Rosemarie Collection, Chris Loves Julia x Loloi

This go-to neutral rug from the Rosemarie Collection comes in serene shades of ivory. The soft patterns incorporated add a soft and subtle texture to any space.


4 – Mirror: Gleaming Primrose Mirror (Gold) by Anthropologie

Whatever you have to say about the person staring back at you, one look at this GORGEOUS Gleaming Primrose mirror and it will be love at first sight. The frame filled with jeweled adornments is an excellent complement to artwork on the walls, or can be treated as a focal point in itself…

This one is trending, so see if you can get one before they’re gone!

Mirror by Anthropologie


Gwyneth ivory boucle chair5 – Chair: Gwyneth Boucle on CB2

This Gwyneth Boucle chair was MADE to be lived in and totally adored. Its plush design is inviting every time you pass by, and the collection of colors it comes in gives you the design flexibility you need to pick the right look for your space…

Not sure you need this one? Splurge a little and get it—it’s an opportunity to retire another chair somewhere else!!


6 – Cabinet: Stockholm Cabinet by IKEA

This Stockholm cabinet collection from IKEA is the newest update to the name after their 2019 collection that I LOVED. The new one is updated to look even more clean and modern.

For custom built-in cabinets, of course, we almost always work with DeWils…see their breathtaking showroom in 360 degrees right on our website.


7 – Table: Woven Drawer Console (Black) – Threshold/Studio McGee sold at Target!

As far as budget-friendly entry table goes, this Woven Drawer Console is a VERY safe and practical option. Its three doors feature cute woven panels, and the pulls add a beautiful bronze-colored accent that adds a splash of class.

The fact this is available at Target, too, makes it SUPER convenient!!

Woven drawer console table


8 – Décor: Decorative Round Rattan Basket by Threshold/Studio McGee (also at Target)

This is another Target find and is a wonderfully useful and dependable storage option. The Decorative Round Rattan Basket provides a natural aesthetic that can be tucked easily along the side of your couch or under an entry table (like the Woven Drawer Console I shared above).

This basket is also substantially deeper than a lot of others like it, which I feel makes it LOTS more practical…


Lamp buffet stick at Target8 – Lamp: Buffet Stick Metal Table Lamp (Black) by Threshold/Studio McGee (at Target)

I do LOVE this lamp! The Buffet Stick Metal Table Lamp is absolutely perfect to elevate any side table or entryway…it’s also budget-friendly and available at Target just like the last two items.


9 – Décor: Capri Blue Volcano Mercury Glass Jar Candle by Anthropologie

Whether you just want to use it for décor or plan to go on the wild ride of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes paired with exotic mountain greens, the Capri Blue Volcano Mercury candle by Anthropologie will not disappoint.

With 85 hours of burn-time, too, this will be a purchase that delivers MANY hours of pleasure…

Capri blue volcano candle by anthropologie


10 – Pillow: Velvet Throw Pillow at World Market

World Market does not disappoint with its quality in simple and beautiful designs. This Cotton Velvet Throw Pillow is a perfect accent for any space. There are multiple colors available, and the removable insert ensures you can clean it easily.

My tip: combine several of the colors for a personalized display of style. This pillow is SO budget friendly that you can go a little wild!!


11 – Sofas: Cloud Modular Sofa Collection by RH

The Cloud Modular Sofa collection is as versatile as the spaces you can to put it! The sleek design is a nod to relaxed modernism, taking (some of) us back to the 1960s. The broad arm and deep seat make for a couch so comfortable you’ll never want to get up…

Sofa collection called Cloud modular by RH


12 – Sofas: Milo Upholstered Sofa at Pottery Barn

For a more economical option among couches, Pottery Barn’s Milo Upholstered Sofa delivers BIG on comfort and style. The down-blend wrapped cushions are cloud-like once you sit down…and the color options give you EVERY design option from navy to platinum to ivory and more.

The chaise makes this couch particularly well-suited for lounging, too…just warning you, it’s another one you’ll have a hard time getting up from!!


Design finds are fun, but at the end of the day you do NOT want to be overwhelmed with options. These are our best recommendations from recent finds, and we have LOADS more where those came from.

Looking for a recommendation in light fixtures? Bedding? Something else? Contact me directly and I would love to chat!!

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