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11 Interior Design Predictions for 2022

11 Interior Design Predictions for 2022

Interior design trends always change. Over generations, they positively evolve from one style to something entirely different.

When it comes to interior design in 2022, we’re rolling into some shifts after a couple years of unusually challenging times. Our homes took on a new role in our lives, or several: they were our daycare, our workplace, our entertainment center and our sanctuary all at once.

2022 interior design will zoom in (no, not that Zoom) on more details in the home. From a few oldies coming back mixed in with some timeless design classics, the only thing tying 2022 trends together is that they will each be Instagram-worthy!

We’ve been virtual now for SO many things that, at home, we want to touch things again. We want to feel the ribbed texture of a fabric…or the heavy weight of cabinet hardware. One cliché rings true: it really is “all in the details” next year!!

That said, the most popular takes on this bigger trend have some HUGE differences one to the next…check out your own design style with our quiz, then finish this article with your design style priorities in mind!


Trend 01: More Vintage Than You’ve Seen In A LONG Time

Your mother’s fabrics could come back in 2022!!

Vintage furniture, in particular, is going to be hot in the new year.

This design “comeback” is partly a response to the uptick in sustainability trends, which you’ll read more about below…also, because furniture made before the 1960s was made with much higher-quality material, these pieces are lasting homeowners longer now, too, which adds to their appeal.

Check out your own local thrift stores or new repurposed furniture stores for great finds…plenty of furniture repurposing can even be found online!!


Trend 02: Shades of Green

Green is coming back in MANY shades all over the home—and all over fashion, too! From jewelry to interiors and architecture, green is the name of the game in 2022.

You might say that this color choice is the result of that push toward sustainability, or maybe it reflects our desire to feel more confident and positive for the future. Green is fertile for good feelings…and it really does connect us to the world around us in an organic way.

Pinterest statistics don’t lie, and the platform has seen an increase of 80% in searches for green-tone-inspired designs this year. 2022 will be as green as it gets!

EXPERT TIP: Consider green an option well past paint colors, too! Watch for green in plants (more on that later), tile, timber and terracotta. Sage and mineral-based greens will be the most popular of all.


Trend 03: Multifunctional Spaces

The days of single-use spaces have gone by the wayside. 2022 interior design trends will include multifunctional rooms where every nook and cranny is used as much as it can be. Shelving, ladders and platforms, as well as room dividers, can open possibilities up in any space.

Of course, with the extended time we spend at home these days, this trend isn’t much of a surprise. After all, half the country is on a quest to design the best home office. For many households, that office space will still have to serve multiple purposes.


Trend 04: Minimalism

Minimalism has been on the rise for a while, starting with the way we use our closets and other storage.

In 2022, minimalism is moving into the rest of the home.

Minimalism enhances the livability of a space, even though fewer comforts are featured. The idea is that we’re able to focus on the principal uses and once central “feel” for each room.

This trend will be seen in designs that stick to just one or two main materials for furniture. Added visual interest will still be peppered in with the use of accent textures and surfaces, or even pops of color.


Trend 05: Favoring Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly materials, upcycling and recycling, and other eco-conscious decisions (like repurposing furniture) are trending up in a big way. Families are seeing the advantages in energy-efficient products, too, like using design in the home to reduce heating and lighting needs.

And speaking of lighting needs…


Trend 06: Using More Natural Lighting!

Those multifunctional living spaces spoken to above also require more daylight and window-worthy views.

Large windows, in particular, plus higher ceilings with skylights are trends we’re seeing in remodels in 2022…

Abundant natural light is also a hugely effective stress reliever, and more of that is definitely needed right now!!


Trend 07: Textured Fabrics to Touch

Along with our fatigue from Zoom-everything, we’re developing a deeper appreciation for TOUCH. Shaking someone’s hand is suddenly pleasant! Brushing the cabinet door as you walk through the kitchen brings you peace. Stretching out on cool, silky sheets is positively divine.

2022 will bring even MORE texture in fabrics. Velvets, sherpa and boucles will be seen everywhere. Not only do they feel amazing, but they look quite luxurious too…

Watch for more fringe on furniture in 2022, too!!


Trend 08: Curved Furniture and Rounded Edges

You might be surprised to see this as a trend at all, but yes, rounded shapes really are going to see an uptick next year. This is the design world’s attempt to try and soften the chaos of the world around us…


Trend 09: Dramatic Black Accents

Black hardware and accents will be a dramatic and beautiful trend in 2022.

Just look at this black-and-white bathroom remodel we did as proof!!

Black hardware and accents are a GREAT way to add depth to an otherwise-minimalistic space. It also adds a little “edginess,” if you’re craving that.

Something as simple as swapping out your cabinet hardware on existing cabinets or side tables can do the trick…try it in your home for a pop of contrast you’re sure to love!!


Trend 10: Mix Dark with Earthy Tones

Mixing those dark greens or those black accents with rich and deep earthy tones is a trend coming in HOT for 2022.

Brown, copper and other earthy tones are playing with black, green and gray. Burl wood is a favorite material that will bring in some of those stunning tones and textures, too. Hammered metals are another source…


Trend 11: Add More Houseplants!

Yes, you would have to get into the routine of watering them, even trimming them…some houseplants require much MORE care than that, too.

Adding houseplants brings a BIG payout, though. Homeowners wanting to bring ALL the other 2022 trends to life do it in one fell swoop with the right houseplants. They bring sustainability into the home…they add texture…they feature greens and natural colors.

Wellness is an increasingly important priority we have in our homes, and houseplants not only have a calming effect but quite literally promote clean air, both of which are central to our wellness.

Do be sure to your research before buying any houseplants, though! Some might prefer shady rooms and be more versatile, while others will need lots of sunlight or care.


Looking for more inspiration? Check out our most recent edition of the Signature Home Style design magazine!!

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