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10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Remodeling

10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Remodeling

It doesn’t take a major renovation to make a major difference in your home.

Be honest…have you caught yourself daydreaming about the day you’ll actually DO that next big remodel?

That day will come!!

In the meantime, there’s no reason not to make changes if you’re feeling DESPERATE for them!

We just spent a year staring at the SAME four walls a LOT…I think we’re all in need of a “refresh.”

I hope you keep dreaming about that beautiful new kitchen, or the bathroom remodel you’re so proud of that you post it all over Instagram…until then, try these 10 ways to update your home without a major remodel. You DESERVE to live in a home you love!

Be sure to take “before” pictures, too, because the after will be stunning!!


Things you can paint1: Paint something!

Paint is easily the BEST way to change the look of just about anything. Yes, you can paint the walls—but you can also paint LOADS of other things for a truly “wow” effect.

For example…

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bath vanities
  • Doors
  • Baseboards or trim
  • Fireplaces
  • Furniture
  • Floors

Paint trend bold colorsPaint colors are going in one of two directions right now…homeowners are either choosing VERY individualized colors and going bolder, or they’re using SUPER light neutrals.

Personally, I think shades of white get kind of boring!

If you do really want to go white, either get some fantastic artwork on your walls or incorporate some extraordinary furniture in the space…

To err on the “safe side,” check out the three paint colors that will never go out of style


2: Switch out your door hardware

Updating your door hardware from your handles to your hinges can help update any space! New styles and finishes are all shoppable online, and you can even install many of these yourself. (Though, we ARE around, so you certainly don’t have to!!)

You can even add some custom moulding to a door to COMPLETELY change the look…


3: Update your cabinet hardware

Just like your door hardware, you can update your cabinet hardware in a snap, too!! Try for a more modern look with new knobs or pulls…this project is SO simple and inexpensive that there’s really no reason not to do it!

Read more about how to select the right cabinet hardware or download the latest version of our magazine to see a full-page spread with examples of hardware I LOVE.


New lighting fixture trends4:  Change some light fixtures

Switching in a new light fixture is a literally dazzling way to give a space a new look. It’s easy to do, and if you focus on entry lights or your bathroom vanities, you can make a HUGE impact for your family and anyone who comes to visit.

There truly is no need for light fixtures you don’t like!!

Need some inspiration? Just take a look at some of the stunning lighting trends I saw last year at market


5: Update your window treatments

Nothing will date your home faster than window treatments from before the turn of the century. Worse yet, these can date your home inside AND out if they’re visible from the street.

Stary by removing old blinds and upgrading to something new. Maybe you’ve been eying those new shutters? Or some of Graber’s new cordless lift technology?

Graber blinds and curtains

Some of the trends in window treatments I like most right now include simple drapery layered with wider blinds or roman shades…this creates nice, clean lines, and there are SO many options! Just ask me about Graber’s catalog

Graber window covering combination in dining room


6: In the bathroom…

Custom subway tile with decco tile in bathroom remodelIn bathrooms, there are several easy things you can do for a HUGE impact on the look and feel of the space…

  • Switch out some tiles
  • Put up a new shower curtain (talk about a cheap option)
  • Replace an old faucet

Old faucets, in particular, date a bathroom FAST. They also get grimy and hard to clean if they’re too old…

For help finding the right faucet and hole configuration, get in touch with our handyman division!


7: In the bedroom…

In bedrooms, there are two changes I REALLY believe can make all the difference:

  • Upgrade your bedding
  • Add curtains overhanging a second window treatment (especially blinds)

The second option helps keep your space darker at night, too!


8: In the family room…

In the family room, you have a surprising number of options for big-impact, low-cost updates. You wouldn’t think so, since the real focal point is your furniture, TV or built-in…

But how about updating the pillows on the furniture?! I recommend having one set for spring and summer and another set for winter and fall…

I also recommend DITCHING any accessory that’s especially dark. Maybe the moulding needs a brighter color painted on. What do you think? Trust me—these little changes can make yoru space lighter, brighter, and more inviting with VERY little investment.

Perhaps my favorite “a-ha” tip for the living room is to change your outlet covers. Yes, seriously!! This is one of those sneaky details that people don’t really notice, and yet the feel it in the space. If you have sleek, modern outlet covers, it makes an impact on the whole room.

Legrand outlet cover with device charger


9: Declutter

Decluttering is an activity most of us avoid, but picking a highly visible place and getting it under control will make you FEEL better and will also update the look of the space. Three common problem areas to tackle first are:

  • High-traffic area bookshelves
  • Your entertainment center
  • The kitchen counter

The cherry on top for any of these is that, with this home update, you also ensure your home functions better for your family.


10: Bring greenery into your home

Even if it’s faux, bring greenery into your home to add a touch of nature and to make a space feel lighter and brighter.

Really, it’s hard to get too much of nature…at least, that’s true when it’s POTTED and contained and won’t threaten overgrowing!! Adding greenery to the home is a trend that won’t go out of style anytime soon…so pick your favorite lush potted plant and help a room in your home feel fresher!


Are you surprised by any of these little projects? You don’t have to make all these changes at once, either! Try one a week, or maybe a couple a month…and in very short time, your home will feel like a completely different space.

When it comes time for the next big remodel, we’ll be ready. Meanwhile, give yourself a taste of the home you’ll love. You and your family deserve no less.

Need help organizing your next project or thinking up some opportunities space-by-space? Start by downloading our remodel planner—you don’t have to use it just for big renovations! Walk through your home and take notes about each space and you’ll have a fabulous list of these little projects to do…

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