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10 Things You Ought to Love About Your Home

10 Things You Ought to Love About Your Home

Whether your home is your “dream home” or not, it’s still where your heart is.


…At least, it should be. Home is your sanctuary. Your reprieve. It protects you from the world.

And in the last two years, it’s also become a gymnasium, an office, a daycare or school, and a shield from the world…

Showing your home a little love is always important. It takes care of you, so why shouldn’t you take care of it?

That said…you really ought to feel like you LOVE your home. You shouldn’t care for it out of obligation. You should care for it from the bottom of your heart!

Picture it…you arrive home and sigh a breath of relief…you feel like you’re yourself again…you’re totally comfortable to unhinge from social obligation and live like you want to!

The very WALLS of your home should have imprints of your personality, too. The layout of your kitchen should match the way you cook and eat. Your master bath should be the spa you deserve, and each space should have a purpose devoted to some part of your life.

THAT is a home you can fall in love with.


How Can You Fall “In Love Your Home?”

If you aren’t quite in love with your home, how can you get that feeling? How can you “fall in love all over again,” or maybe for the first time?

A life without loving (your home) is like a piece of toast without butter…a shoe missing its pair…a song with no real melody.

The thing about a home is that it CAN be your “project.” You can make updates and have fun with it. A “project person” on the other hand (like trying to change a partner) isn’t advisable! Your home, however, LITERALLY exists for you to make of it what you will.

So, if you aren’t totally in love, DO something about it!

Here are some ideas to get you started.


1: Update your key living space

If you spend most of your lazy time in the living room, how is the furniture there doing?

Or how about the selections in your entertainment room, if you spend more time there?

Treat yourself to at least one new comfort in whatever room where you spend your downtime. This can DOUBLE the enjoyment you get out of your time in that space.


2: Private fitness corner

Do you work out at home? Do you have a dedicated space to do so? Whether you do or don’t, what people almost always lack is STORAGE for their fitness stuff.

Throwing your yoga mats and dumbbells into a pile on the floor does NOT make for an inviting home gym. Add the proper storage that keeps equipment up and organized, and you’ll feel sooo much better every time you step in…


Steam oven by Monogram3: Spa-like luxury

There are many key luxuries that were once something we had to go out for…like movie-theater quality cinema, steam showers, spa amenities and more…

Homes are changing, though. These luxuries are available to install. Why not add that ONE luxury fixture you love most into your home?!

Aren’t you spending enough time there to deserve it??


  • Steam showers…
  • Steam ovens…
  • Induction cooktops…
  • Universal designs…
  • Pools…
  • Fun appliances…


4: Entertainment space

Do you love to entertain? Perhaps not the clean-up, but the rest is absolutely marvelous!!

Think about what small items can enhance your entertainment space for the next time you have guests over. What music system are you using? What tray will you present hors d’oeuvres on? Do you have a showy cocktail shaker to get the party started?!


5: Good food!

Speaking of entertainment, your kitchen should be laid out for the way YOU like to cook! Just read up on the design concepts that make that a reality for you


6: Entertainment

Do you watch a lot of movies or shows? Are you TOTALLY satisfied right now with your movie set up?…

Whether you use a big screen or a movie projector, the number-one thing most homeowners miss are the cup holders and surfaces to set food on while you watch.

Just add a new side table if you’re short on space, and this will make a HUGE difference the next time you binge watch a show!


7: Memories…

Are you totally in love with the way you’ve hung your family photos?

Check out these four different ways to hang frames and art and commit to a new style to shake things up and fall in love ALL over again with those wonderful family memories…

wall filled wih large square frames around tv


8: Safety

What do windows and floors have in common? Spoiler alert…it has to do with your safety.

And how about babyproofing? Is your home safe for every age?

Make updates these key updates and you will nourish one of the two most important feelings your home should deliver…SAFETY.

Keep reading for 10 simple tips to prevent accidents in the home, too…


9: Personality!!

Add a little bit more of “you” into the décor!!

It is YOUR home, isn’t it?! You will love it SO much more if it looks and feels like “you…”

Not sure what your interior design style is? Take our interior design quiz to find out instantly!!


10: Investment

Then, of course, there’s the “security” you feel knowing your home is YOURS. Your investment. No one will take it away…

If you’re curious what remodels delivered the biggest returns last year, check out the latest Cost vs. Value Report for North Texas


Perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with your home as a result of too much time there…

(Thanks, pandemic.)

With rolling lockdowns through an unpresented time, we’ve all reacted in different ways.

Even those who have become MORE comfortable at home might have grown complacent with things that weren’t perfect but were “good enough.”

Your home is ONLY what you make it…and it truly is yours to design, to embellish, and to adore.

Just like that little black dress we jazz up with the right shoes, necklace, earrings and perfume, your home can sweep you right off your feet if you let it.

Use the infographic below to list out the things you already love about your home…is there a special corner you read in? Is your bedroom a place of total R&R? Do you have the BEST kitchen appliances?

List it out and you’ll KNOW if your love is strong!!

Let us know what you learn, too—connect with us on Facebook!

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